Escape to the Chateau's Dick Strawbridge has 'banned' his daughter from dating for 20 years

Dick Strawbridge, the former star of Escape to the Chateau, which to the dismay of may viewers was axed last May, has jokingly banned his daughter Dorothy from dating for '20 years'. The 64 year old made the light-hearted comment after his daughter asked for the phone number of a boy three years her senior.

Dick, who has been touring the USA and other locations with his wife Angel Adoree and their two children, Dorothy and Arthur, proudly shared that Dorothy had received her first commission for an artwork from a fan in Australia.

He explained: "[We told people on tour]: 'You have the chance of winning some original artwork done by Dorothy specifically,'" Angel continued the story, saying: "There was this one [event] in Australia where no one stood up to claim their prize, and there was this little boy of about 12 years old. "He stood up and he shouted 'I'd like Dorothy's painting, please!

'"The young lad had already left the event due to tiredness, but Dorothy was thrilled to hear about the boy who admired her work so much. Angel recalled: "When I told her she was like; 'Great. Did you take a picture?

Did you get his number?, reports the Express.' and I was like 'A little bit difficult!" Dick then added: "And you're nine - let's not get too carried away here." He then defiantly stated that it should be "at least 20 years" before his daughter starts to "go out with boys".

Meanwhile, the couple proudly shared that their daughter Dorothy is a "mummy's girl" and "really earns her keep" when she travels with them on tour. The pair opened upduring their latest episode of Dick and Angel's Chat...Eau podcast, titled Wellies, Mud and Off We Go! , where they also chatted about getting stuck in the mud due to bad weather and the chaos of packing for their trip to LA.

Since their popular Channel 4 show Escape to the Chateau stopped filming, fans have been missing the family's adventures at their iconic 19th-century castle, which Dick was instrumental in restoring.But fans won't have to wait too long to see them again, as they're set to return to the UK for more tour dates this October.

For now, they're kicking off the USA and Canada leg of their tour, named Dare to Do It, which Dick joked is a tribute to their "foolish" decision to buy their own chateau. Dick even confessed that he'd been tempted to buy another grand castle after falling head over heels for one he saw, jokingly suggesting to Angel: "We could have his and hers chateaux!".

However, they ultimately decided against it and are currently focusing their efforts on their podcast, international tours (which both children will be joining them on) and potentially renting out their chateau for events.