ES DINING SPECIAL: The new technology set to revolutionise cooking, eating and drinking

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Would you eat food prepared by a robochef?   (The Advertising Archives)
Would you eat food prepared by a robochef? (The Advertising Archives)

Wouldn’t it be nice if eating and drinking and easier could be made that much easier? Well, now it can be, with this new technology...


Thanks to microwaves, delivery apps and the capital’s endless restaurants, piping hot food is never far away. But what if you crave the goodness of home cooking, served on your own plates, from your own kitchen, without having to open so much as a drawer? A year ago, we would have said: tough luck. Today, however, the world is your oyster — or whatever you fancy. The Moley Robotic Kitchen uses ‘robotic hands’ and a bank of thousands of recipes by the likes of Andrew Clarke to cook with the dexterity and skill of a chef. Plus, it even cleans up after itself. All one needs to do is fill up the food containers, which you can order, pre-prepared online. Oh, and shell out £248,000. Ready meal it is.


Imagine never having to lug home a sloshing bottle of vermouth, squash or pop ever again. Or, even better: imagine never having to recycle plastic or glass bottles. Well, get your wallet out, because your wish is soon to be Cana’s command. The American company has devised a machine that can use one small recyclable cartridge to ‘3D print’ everything from soft drinks to cocktails, wine and coffee from the smug comfort of your home. Available in the US from 2023, our sources say the brand has plans to expand into the UK. Although at a rather modest $799 for the machine and between $0.29 and $1.99 per drink (and by drink, we mean martini), we might smuggle one here beforehand.

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