Erika Jayne reveals she's dating a mystery man

Erika Jayne is dating a mystery man credit:Bang Showbiz
Erika Jayne is dating a mystery man credit:Bang Showbiz

Erika Jayne is dating a mystery man.

The 52-year-old star was married to Tom Girardi, 84, for two decades, before they split in 2020 - but Erika has now revealed that she's dating someone who is "younger".

Asked if she's attracted to older men, Erika said on the 'Two Ts in a Pod' podcast: "No, I'm actually seeing someone younger now."

Erika is making a concerted effort to keep her boyfriend's identity a secret.

However, she acknowledged that he has "black hair and brown skin".

Asked if he would appear on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', Erika replied: "Absolutely not. No. Come on guys, I deserve a moment of peace.

"I take this day by day. I'm not saying that [about] the relationship, I'm saying that about life."

Erika's mystery man recently attended one of her Las Vegas shows, and the reality star previously hailed her residency as a "new era" in her life.

Looking forward to her Bet It All on Blonde residency, she told PEOPLE: "My world exploded about three years ago and it was rough. Finally there are better days to talk about."

Erika also confirmed that Tom is aware of her residency.

She said: "I think that my work speaks for itself and the fact that I'm sitting here today speaks for itself. We all have people in our lives that champion us and he happens to be mine for a very long time."

What's more, Erika revealed that she was relishing the pressure of performing in Vegas.

She explained: "I have to perform. I have to deliver. But that's the good kind of pressure. I'd rather have this pressure than the pressure I was living under the last few years any day of the week."