Eric Roberts debunks Julia Roberts feud rumours

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Eric Roberts has set the record straight on his rumoured rift with sister Julia Roberts.

During an interview for Behind The Velvet Rope podcast with David Yontef, the Runaway Train actor was asked whether he has a relationship with his superstar sibling.

In response, Eric explained that he believes the assumption he and Julia don’t get along stems from one awkward interview.

“Julia and I have always been fine,” he asserted. “I think years and years ago, I was doing a press tour for some movie… It was just when Pretty Woman was released (in 1990), and so they’re asking a bunch of questions about Julia. And I said, ‘Hey, excuse me. Can we talk about me?’”

While Eric thought his quip was “very funny”, the reporters in attendance didn’t see it that way.

“And of course, then it’s like, ‘Oh, they have a problem,’” the Suits star explained.

Eric also recounted accidentally fuelling the rumours in further interviews.

“I keep hearing about (these issues) I have with my sister that I don’t have with my sister. They’re just popping up all over the place, and I’m asked about them as if they’re real issues,” the 66-year-old stated.

Justifying his first awkward comment, Eric continued, “She’s doing a lot of stuff and… I don’t ignore it. I just stay out of her hair with the press. That’s all. And she stays out of mine.

“I mean, honestly, if you’re doing a movie of your own… and the press just wants to talk about any member of your family, it is kind of a little like, ‘Why?’”

Back in 2001, Eric confirmed he and Julia had been estranged for several years as a result of his past drug abuse and her siding with his ex-girlfriend over the custody of his daughter Emma Roberts.

But by 2004, the actor revealed he and Julia had reconciled following the birth of her twins.

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