Equalpride's CEO on celebrating Pride this year & our commitment to this community

CEO Message WeHo LGBTQ Pride Parade Rainbow Balloons
CEO Message WeHo LGBTQ Pride Parade Rainbow Balloons

Celebrating Pride Month may feel slightly different this year than in recent memories. Though this time of year allows us to celebrate the incredible strides we’ve made over the decades, it may feel increasingly at odds with the vociferous voices who desire to reverse the signs of progress. Pride is a time to honor our history and reflect on the work that still lies ahead.

At equalpride, we continue our dedication to amplifying the voices and stories of our diverse community - past, present and future. From the legacies of the Stonewall uprising to the fight for same-sex marriage, the horror of victims succumbed to anti-LGBTQ+ violence & legislation to the cherished hopes & determination of queer youths and adults, the stories published across our family of brands continue to inform, initiate and inspire our community.

As we commemorate with our chosen families and supportive communities, let us celebrate the resiliency of our queer siblings - known and unknown to us - and harness the power of unity in our fight for justice.

As the great Marsha P. Johnson said, we will only fully enjoy our rights once we all have them.

On behalf of equalpride and our family of brands, we wish you happy and safe Pride celebrations this June and beyond.

With love, pride and gratitude,

Mark Berryhill

CEO, equalpride