England football captain Leah Williamson signs massive deal with Gucci

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Fashion hasn’t always had an easy relationship with football, but the last few months have seen luxury labels rush to partner with the sports leading lights in a bid to cash in on their massive global reach.

Dior became the official formalwear partner of French club Paris Saint German back in September, while Moncler did the same with Italian team Inter Milan in December and just last week Tottenham Hotspur Star Son Heung-Min joined fellow footballer Marcus Rashford as a Burberry brand ambassador.

Today, the first major partnership between a luxury fashion house and a female football player has been revealed, as Arsenal defender and England captain Leah Williamson is reported to have signed a lucrative deal with Gucci.

Gucci signed its first football partnership with England mid-fielder Jack Grealish back in April, which was rumoured to be a seven-figure endorsement; and as a glamorous and incredibly successful leader in her field there is no reason (one hopes) that Williamson shouldn’t be looking at a similarly life-changing sum.

The first clues as to the relationship came when Williamson was invited to Gucci’s Cosmogonie show at the Castel Del Monte in Puglia in May.

“Thank you Gucci for inviting me to my first of your shows,” she posted on Instagram at the time. ”Alessandro’s magic blew me away in the most beautiful of settings.”

Williamson, who also has deals with Pepsi and Nike, has been at Arsenal since 2006 when she joined the club’s Centre of Excellence aged nine.

Neither Gucci nor Williamson have yet confirmed news of the partnership. Stay tuned.