This is the ending of Netflix's The Snow Girl explained

netflix's the snow girl ending explained
Netflix's The Snow Girl ending, explainedNetflix

Contains spoilers and mentions of sexual assault

Over the weekend Netflix dropped its latest captivating mystery thriller series The Snow Girl, and it has got us all hooked.

The six-part Spanish language series is based on the novel of the same name by Javier Castillo and tells the story of a young journalist Miren (Milena Smit), who becomes obsessed with helping a family to find their daughter Amaya who goes missing from a parade in Malaga in 2010.

The Snow Girl jumps between various timelines and is full of intrigue and mystery, as Miren runs a parallel investigation to the police and is helped by experienced reporter Eduardo. After five tense episodes we were dying to know exactly what happened Amaya and if Miren could solve the mystery. But we'll admit the last episode was a little confusing and so here's the ending of the final episode of The Snow Girl explained.

The Snow Girl ending explained

The final episode of The Snow Girl opens up nine years after Amaya's disappearance with Miren being questioned by the police before intending to visit Iris, the woman she believes to have kidnapped Amaya. However, the one thing she's unclear of is Iris's motive.

She visits under the pretence of reporting about people living in rural areas. Iris eventually lets Miren into her house and the two talk, whilst Miren has her suspicions, she can't 100% confirm if Amaya is in the property.

netflix's the snow girl ending explained

Miren eventually leaves and scopes the house out, taking photographs. Iris is spooked by Miren's visit and demands Amaya packs up so the two can escape. Miren follows Iris and Amaya in their van, despite being told not by the police.

Iris decides the only thing to do is to drive them off the edge of a cliff so that they can't be separated, telling Amaya: "I won't let them separate us." They crash through a roadside barrier and Iris is killed instantly.

Miren tries to tell Amaya her real identity whilst Amaya wields a gun at her and shoots her in the shoulder but Miren miraculously manages to restrain her until the police arrive.

Amaya is taken to the hospital where her parents Ana and Álvaro rush to see their daughter who doesn't recognise them.

Eduardo explains to Miren Iris's motivation for taking Amaya. Iris was once a patient of Amaya's mother, Ana who was a fertility doctor.

netflix's the snow girl ending explained

In not being able to have a child of her own, Iris stole Amaya for herself. Iris raised Amaya in the hills locked away from the world, and brain washed her into believing she was her mother, even changing Amaya's name to Julia.

Despite being the one to find Amaya safely, Miren is still a suspect in the murder of Luque and Foster who were killed in the rather suspicious caravan fire.

In case you'd forgotten Luque was a convicted rapist, responsible for the dark web forum that shared footage of Miren's sexual assault. And Foster was the paedophile who admitted to watching the footage and asked for photos of Miren in exchange for information.

The police heavily suspect Miren of their murder, however Eduardo had removed the memory card from Miren's camera that contained images of Luque and Foster shortly before their death. Thereby, removing the memory card the police have little evidence to prove Miren killed the two men and therefore evades being charged with murder.

netflix's the snow girl ending explained

Amaya is seen watching cartoons with her parents but does not seem to look close with them or recognise them as her true parents, we're left on a bit of a cliff hanger as to the future of their relationship.

The episode ends two years later in 2021, where Miren is seen reading at her book launch about the case with Eduardo watching on happily.

Just as you think everything appears to be going well for Miren, she is handed an envelope with the words "want to play?" written on it. Inside the envelope there is a picture of what appears to be another missing girl from 2012.

So is this another case for Miren? We'll have to wait and find out if a season two is confirmed first, but we're keeping our fingers crossed.

The Snow Girl is available on Netflix now.

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