'Emoji jacket' allows cyclists to share mood and communicate with drivers

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A smiley face displayed on the jacket's LED panel. [Photo: PA/Ford]
A smiley face displayed on the jacket's LED panel. [Photo: PA/Ford]

A prototype “emoji jacket” has been invented for cyclists to communicate their mood with others on the road.

Created by motor giant Ford, the jacket will feature an LED panel that displays the rider’s mood in the form of emojis.

The wearer will also be able to display hazard warnings on the jacket, together with indicators for when they want to turn.

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It is controlled via a wireless remote attached to the handlebars of the bike.

This will remove the need for cyclists to fully remove their hand from their bicycle, according to the makers at Ford.

The emoji jacket in action. [Photo: PA/Ford]
The emoji jacket in action. [Photo: PA/Ford]

At this stage, it’s unknown which emojis will be available – whether it will be a smiling face used to show appreciation to drivers, or more of a red, angry face to vent road rage.

It also may be of limited use to cyclists who wear a backpack while cycling, for instance as part of their commute.

The garment was created in partnership with industrial design firm Designworks and has been released as part of Ford's Share the Road campaign.

The campaign promotes safe cycling and greater communication between cyclists and other road users.

The scheme also aims to encourage more people to use cycling for short journey in order to protect the environment.

Emoji and language expert Dr Neil Cohn welcomed the new jacket, saying emojis have become “integral” to our modern-day self-expression.

The jacket also displays warning signs. [Photo: [PA/Ford]
The jacket also displays warning signs. [Photo: [PA/Ford]

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"Emojis have become a fundamental part of how we use language. Whether used to convey facial expressions, humour, or sarcasm, they have become integral to our ability to express ourselves and quickly.

"This jacket created in partnership with Ford Share the Road allows riders to express their feelings and creates an important emotional link between them and other road users."

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