Emmerdale's Leyla to make a shock discovery about Callum

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Leyla Cavanagh fears for her safety next week as drug dealer Callum becomes a free man again.

Leyla was recently kidnapped and held captive by Callum, who sought revenge after she tried to expose his drug dealing.

The story culminated in Leyla, her son Jacob Gallagher and best friend Suzy Merton all being held at gunpoint by Callum in a shed. Fortunately, Callum later gave himself up to armed police who'd tracked him down.

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In next week's episodes, Leyla looks forward to moving on with her life as she flirts with Caleb Miligan.

Leyla invites Caleb for a coffee and, with their romantic connection developing quickly, they end up spending the night together.

Leyla's new-found happiness turns to horror when she receives the news that Callum has been released on bail.

Shortly afterwards, it appears that Leyla may be in danger again as someone watches her from a distance in the village.

leyla cavanagh, caleb, emmerdale

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Leyla is oblivious to her mystery stalker and tries her best to focus on Caleb.

As things continue to heat up between Leyla and Caleb, a hooded figure watches them through the window.

The following morning, the unknown individual returns and spies on Leyla from a nearby car.

Caleb offers to keep a close eye on Leyla to make sure that Callum doesn't make a shock return, but Leyla declines as she doesn't want to live her life feeling scared.

caleb, stalker, emmerdale

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When Caleb decides to play bodyguard for Leyla anyway, he manages to apprehend her stalker when he catches them trying to follow Leyla into the village hall.

Is the culprit Callum or somebody else?

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