Emmerdale favourite sacked again by furious boss despite fighting to keep job

An Emmerdale star has been given the boot for gross misconduct on the ITV soap. In a shocking turn of events, Victoria Sugden, played by Isabel Hodgins, was sacked from her job in tonight's episode.

The character had been having a tough time following her break up with Jacob Gallagher and ended up shattering a glass while making a pizza in the kitchen. Despite thinking she'd cleaned it all up, Jai Sharma found a shard under the pepperoni - which he'd planted there - and promptly fired Victoria.

Despite her protests, Jai insisted she leave but kindly offered her two months' wages and a reference for her future employer. He had been threatened with dismissal himself if he didn't sack Victoria, with Pollard threatening to reveal that he'd stolen his brother's inheritance.

Victoria was sacked from her job
Victoria was sacked from her job in tonight's episode -Credit:ITV

This dramatic twist follows Victoria's difficult decision to end things with Jacob after his mum Leyla warned her she was holding him back. Jacob had previously turned down a study placement in Berlin to stay with Victoria, leading her to feel guilty and end their relationship so he could pursue his dreams.

This left Jacob heartbroken and begging her to reconsider. Their romance has been a whirlwind, kept secret for a long time due to fears about David's reaction, as he had previously dated Victoria, reports the Mirror.

Upon finding out about their covert relationship, David was shocked and struggled to come to terms with the new romance between his son and Victoria. Post processing Victoria and Jacob's relationship, David Metcalfe, played by Matthew Wolfenden, decided to bid farewell to Emmerdale once and for all, an exit that coincided with Matthew's own decision to leave the popular soap.

Victoria ended things with Jacob on Emmerdale
Victoria ended things with Jacob on Emmerdale this week -Credit:ITV

Chatting about how he felt regarding Matthew's departure, Joe-Warren Plant who portrays Jacob said: "I'm gutted! I've learnt everything from him. I had no previous acting experience, so everything came directly from Matthew. It's sad, but we'll keep in touch - he's my best friend! ".

Discussing how Jacob may cope without David around, he went on to say: "It's nice to see the change in conversations everything's a bit more grown-up and they talk more on a mature level. They've always got on, David's a great father, but Jacob's enjoying spending more time with David as a single dad ... It's going to be strange not having him around! ".

Mathew recently bided farewell to the ITV soap
Matthew Wolfenden's character David left the Dales recently -Credit:ITV

The young star further added: "I think he'll have to spend more time with Leyla and get used to not having a father figure in his vicinity. Jacob loves David to pieces and there's good energy between them. Jacob will struggle without him! ".