Emmerdale fans spot Tom King's 'mistake' as he launches shocking attack on Vinny Dingle

Emmerdale fans think they've spotted an important mistake made by Tom King after he violently attacked Vinny Dingle in a shocking moment from a recent episode of the soap. Tom has been exerting control over his wife Belle Dingle through manipulation and gaslighting since their wedding earlier this year, even going as far as installing a puppy cam to spy on her and placing a tracker on her phone.

While away from Emmerdale for a vet course, Tom kept tabs on Belle using the camera but was enraged when she switched it off at Vinny's suggestion and hurried home. Unaware that Belle had left to walk the dogs with Vinny, Tom rushed to the house.

Vinny, who had agreed to fix Belle's phone, switched it back on at the scrapyard, allowing Tom to track the location. He was shocked to discover where 'she' was and quickly headed there, finding Vinny alone.

Emmerdale fans think they've worked out what will lead to the downfall of Tom -Credit:ITV
Tom King
An upcoming special episode of Emmerdale will focus on Tom's abuse of Belle -Credit:ITV

And in a fit of rage, he then struck Vinny on the head and left him for dead, reports the Mirror. But Emmerdale viewers think they've spotted a big mistake in his actions.

One fan pointed out: "I don't think a dry tissue is really gonna remove any fingerprints Tom #Emmerdale," while another chimed in: "Tom is trying to wipe the fingerprints off things and then touching them again. Though in soap land fingerprints the police don't bother with them. #Emmerdale."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Tom, if you're going to wipe your prints off an object it's probably a good idea not to hold the object steady whilst you do #emmerdale."

The tension is set to escalate after soap producer Laura Shaw hinted at a darkening storyline. She said: "We've seen how their wedding night ended with Belle in tears, and we've seen since how Tom started to manipulate Belle and coercively control her.

Tom takes Belle's phone and puts a tracker on it so he can always see where she is
Tom has been tracking his wife Belle -Credit:ITV

"This long-running storyline has been really carefully researched and it's going to continue over the next few months. We've been given access to real-life stories and spent time with charities like Refuge. What we've learnt from them is just how quickly coercive control relationships can turn physical, so that's what we'll see happen next with those two."

Laura also dropped hints about upcoming special episodes focusing on Tom and Belle.

She revealed: "With our storylines we've been trying to find new and innovative ways to tell the story, so we've got a special episode coming up where we step away from our usual Emmerdale format and do things a little bit differently.

"It's a dinner party mainly focussing on Belle and Tom and Marlon and Rhona, and we'll see what's going on in their relationships and through a special way we've done it, we'll be able to see that what you see in public is not necessarily what you see behind closed doors. It's not the only special episode we have got planned this year but I am not allowed to tell you about the others."