Emmerdale fans convinced star's breakup 'seals' co-star's soap exit

Emmerdale's Jacob Gallagher and Victoria Sugden have called it quits, leaving fans heartbroken. The beloved characters, played by actors Joe-Warren Plant and Isabel Hodgins, saw their on-screen romance come to an end after Victoria decided to break things off.

The decision came following a chat with Jacob's mum Leyla, who hinted that Victoria might be holding her son back from life-changing opportunities. Jacob had previously turned down a chance to study in Berlin to stay with Victoria, but after Leyla's words, Victoria felt compelled to set him free for his own good.

She ended the relationship, claiming she no longer had feelings for him, leaving Jacob begging her to reconsider.

The split has left both Jacob and Victoria distraught, but with Jacob now able to pursue his studies abroad, Emmerdale viewers are suggesting he could take this breakup as a sign to explore new horizons.

Victoria ended things with Jacob on Emmerdale
Victoria ended things with Jacob on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Fans took to social media to express their thoughts, with one quipping: "Can we all chip in and get Jacob a cheap one way flight out of Emmerdale! " Others encouraged him to seize the opportunity, saying: "Go to Berlin Jacob FGS", reports the Daily Star.

Some fans, however, were critical of the storyline, with one commenting: "So Victoria gets with Jacob...family reject it, they stay together anyway. Family tell Victoria to end it with Jacob, she does, now she's a homewrecker."

Jacob was heartbroken by the split
Jacob was heartbroken by the split -Credit:ITV

Jacob and Victoria's relationship has been a rollercoaster over the past few months, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. They initially kept their feelings secret, especially from David, Victoria's ex and Jacob's father, whose eventual discovery of their affair caused quite the stir.

After Jacob and Victoria's wedding, David Metcalfe, played by Matthew Wolfenden, decided to bid a permanent goodbye to the village. The storyline matched Matthews decision to depart from the long-standing ITV soap.

David left the show last year
Matthew Wolfenden is leaving Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Joe-Warren Plant, who goes by the character Jacob, spilled his feelings about his on-screen dad's departure. He remarked: "I'm gutted! I've learned everything from him. I had no previous acting experience, so everything came directly from Matthew. It's sad, but we'll keep in touch - he's my best friend! Matthew's the most genuine soul you could ever meet. I'll miss him, for sure."

Not just that, Joe shared how Jacob would cope with life without his dad around. He mentioned: "It's nice to see the change in conversations everything's a bit more grown-up and they talk more on a mature level. They've always got on, David's a great father, but Jacob's enjoying spending more time with David as a single dad ... It's going to be strange not having him around! ".

He further speculated, "I think he'll have to spend more time with Leyla ( Roxy Shahidi ) and get used to not having a father figure in his vicinity. Jacob loves David to pieces and there's good energy between them. Jacob will struggle without him! ".