Emmerdale couple reveal that their children are living with a rare genetic condition

Mark Jordon and Laura Norton discussed their son's Usher syndrome diagnosis and why they are keen to raise awareness about the condition.

Credit: 'Loose Women' / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

- So when did it become apparent that it was more than that? I mean, who mentioned Usher Syndrome to you? How did that happen?

LAURA NORTON: Again, that was when we found out about his hearing loss and he got his hearing aids, they do blood tests with every child, I think. And there's like a small amount of things that they can test for. And luckily, we got the larger spectrum of tests. And it took a year for it to come back. So I think the moment had gone.

- A year?

LAURA NORTON: Yeah. And I think the moment had gone, and we just thought, oh, it was just a weird little anomaly. He's got hearing loss. It's part of who he is now. He's thriving. It's great. We've learnt so much about it.

And yeah, we moved to a new area, I got a pediatric appointment. And they said, something's come back, and it's showing up, and it's called Usher Syndrome.

- And what is that in the long term?

LAURA NORTON: It is a condition, a very rare condition, that affects hearing, vision, and balance.