Emma Watson's half-up 'baby bun' hairstyle is anything but childish

In case you missed it among the whirlwind that was the Met Gala and Royal Coronation, last week the legendary actor, model and feminist activist, Emma Watson branched out into the realm of fine winery. No, I'm serious... if you look up 'multi-hyphenate' in the dictionary, you will, in fact, see Emma's face.

The new business – which has been described as "A family-made luxury gin made with upcycled grapes. Inspired by terroir and tradition", co-founded by siblings, Emma and Alex Watson – made its Instagram debut with a range of campaign photos. As y'do.

And while we're so here for the pair's venture (honestly, they can do no wrong in our eyes), what struck us in one of the promo pics was Emma's super cute hairstyle. Uhh, hi, hello beauty journo, here!

Just take a look at what we're calling the half-up baby bun hairstyle, below:

As shown, Emma wears her mid-length locks in a soft effortless curl with half a head of her strands pulled up and styled in a small bun. Hence the half-up baby bun name.

To frame and give dimension to the look, the strands surrounding her face have been left to fall loose. I mean, who doesn't live for minimal effort, maximum pay-off? Work smarter, not harder, friends.

Introducing us to her new brand, Renais, one of the captions in Emma's posts shared last week reads: "Dearest friends, with a heart full of warmth and nostalgia, I am thrilled to introduce - Renais Gin @renaisspirits It is an ode to the sun-kissed vineyards of Chablis where my family has been making wine these past 30 years. Renais Gin is our love letter to Chablis; a carbon-neutral product, lovingly made from upcycled wine grapes. I’m having a proud sister moment."

Now, IDK about you, but I'm off to browse the botanicals of Renais, along with a side of practising how to recreate this very baby bun 'do. *Gathers all the small elastic hair bands I can find*.

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