Emma Heming-Willis hits back at trolls accusing her of '5-minutes of fame'

Bruce Willis' wife Emma Heming-Willis has hit back at trolls accusing her of seeking '5-minutes of fame' saying she will always advocate for her husband and caregivers, and turn her anger and grief into something good.

Video transcript

EMMA HEMING-WILLIS: I just saw something about me getting my five minutes, which is great, which means that you're listening. So I'm going to take my five minutes and I'm going to turn it into 10 because I'm always going to advocate for my husband. And while I'm at it, I'm going to raise awareness around FTD and for caregivers who are our unsung heroes out there. And then-- and then I am going to turn my grief and my anger and my sadness and do something good around something that feels less than. So watch this space, because I didn't come to play.