'Rather be boldly myself': Emma Corrin on coming out as nonbinary in Hollywood

Emma Corrin has been open about their gender journey since rising to prominence in The Crown. (Getty Images)
Emma Corrin has been open about their gender journey since rising to prominence in The Crown. (Getty Images)

Emma Corrin has reflected on coming out as nonbinary in Hollywood, insisting they'd "rather be boldly myself".

The actor, 26, rose to prominence playing Princess Diana in the last series of The Crown, and is set to star in the upcoming adaptation of Lady Chatterley's Lover.

They have been open about their gender journey, having revealed the change to 'they/ them' in their bio on Instagram in July 2021.

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When asked by The Sunday Times' Style magazine whether they were advised to keep quiet for the sake of job roles, they said: "There are always those voices.

"Luckily, none of them I work with closely, but you are aware of them. I notice there’s always that voice in your head that’s, like, if I come out of this, if I define myself as this thing, will it mean that people won’t trust me with certain parts?

"But you can dig yourself into such a hole of hypotheticals... I would much rather be boldly myself and comfortable than not."

The actor rose to prominence in The Crownas Princess Diana, alongside Josh O'Connor who played Prince Charles. (Getty Images)
The actor starred in The Crown as Princess Diana alongside Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles. (Getty Images)

Corrin also commented on the suggestion that being nonbinary could actually be an asset when on set.

They noted that having "distance" from the female roles they’re playing in some respects "keeps me sane".

The star added: "The majority of my experience my whole life has been with femininity and I consider my gender and sexuality not a rejection of that, but an embrace of fluidity and more parts of me, the masculine parts as well and everything in between."

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Corrin also revealed how "lucky" they had been that their parents had supported their decision, and that they felt "more comfortable in myself than I have in a long time".

In July, they spoke to Vogue about having occasionally felt "intense pressure" to justify their position.

A person who identifies as non-binary does not define themselves exclusively as masculine or feminine‍, and generally prefers 'they/them' pronouns, rather than 'he/she'.

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