Emily Ratajkowski's new take on breastfeeding is the empowering Instagram we need to see

Emily Ratajkowski has long been known for being proudly body confident and a champion of women celebrating and owning their bodies – something that very much continued throughout her pregnancy, as she routinely shared empowered photos of her changing shape and growing bump.

After giving birth to her son, Sylvester, in March, Emily has documented her experience of motherhood in a typically body positive way, by sharing photos that normalise breastfeeding.

A quick scroll through Em Rata's Instagram will show you a host of beautiful breastfeeding pics, highlighting intimate moments between mum and new son and chipping away at the frankly ridiculous idea breastfeeding is something to hide away.

Now, Emily is using her social media presence to further smash taboos around breastfeeding - proving that it can absolutely be a social experience.

In a series of snaps giving a glimpse into the recent goings on of life, one features Emily and her friend Caitlin King breastfeeding their babies side by side.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Emily Ratajkowski
Photo credit: Instagram/ Emily Ratajkowski

Caitlin's newborn, Buddy, arrived in February, making him around a month older than Emily's little boy, Sylvester. Clearly mums and babies are firm friends as a foursome already!

While, of course, certain moments of new motherhood are private and sacred (and this can definitely include breastfeeding), it's great to see Emily proving that sometimes, friends can enjoy a good catch up while also simultaneously feeding their babies.

There's no one way to do parenting, and Emily's positive posts certainly help to whittle away at unhelpful stigmas that exist around breastfeeding. Keep 'em, coming, Emily!

Emily's one of a wave of celebrity mums and mums-to-be who are getting increasingly candid with their social media followers about all things motherhood.

Recently, expectant mums Zoe Sugg and Louise Thompson opened up about pregnancy anxiety and hair loss, respectively, while Ashley Tisdale has spoken about the unexpected side effects she experienced after giving birth.

Let's hope these celebs keeping it real with their followers can help more women feel seen and supported on their motherhood journeys, because that's 100% what they deserve.

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