Emily Ratajkowski says Botox is 'normal'

Emily Ratajkowski thinks botox isn't really that wild credit:Bang Showbiz
Emily Ratajkowski thinks botox isn't really that wild credit:Bang Showbiz

Emily Ratajkowski says Botox is “normal”.

The ‘Gone Girl’ star was inspired to get injected when she was 27 as “all” her friends from home had tried it and loves how open other stars - like the ‘Say So’ rapper Doja Cat’ - are being open about their desire to get cosmetic procedures.

The 31-year-old model told Refinery29: “For people who don't live in New York or L.A., Botox seems really extreme. But even now, all my friends in San Diego, my hometown, they get Botox. It's so normal. I mean, I was terrified. But I was also like, everybody looks f****** great. My best friends were getting Botox and I wanted to try it.

“With plastic surgery in general, the way we talk about what's normal and taboo has completely changed. It's what I mentioned on the episode. Like, nose job check. Even Doja Cat tweeted about how she's going to get surgery to get a breast lift. I think there's something really nice about how open women are being.”

Emily - who is mother to her 22-month-old son Sylvester with her ex Sebastian Bear-McClard - remarked feeling older when she was in her 20s then she does now.

She said: “Well, I got married when I was 27. That was just four years ago, but it feels like a really long time. I think I felt like I was getting older. I think I felt older at 27 than I do at 31. Something was freaking me out. I had this realization that I was getting closer to 30 and wasn't going to be young forever. But something about 31, I'm like, I'm so young. I turned to my friend the other day and was like, 'Did we ever think 30 was old?' She was like, 'B****, we thought 30 was so old.' But you have so much time. Yes, life goes fast, but ultimately 27 is so young and it gets better. It got so much better for me. I think you'll know yourself more. Of course, as young women, [we] feel the pressure of being young forever. But in your 30s, you look the same, but you've figured out who the hell you are.”