Emily in Paris costume designer reveals season 3 wardrobe had 14,000 items to choose from

The third season of Emily in Paris has officially debuted on Netflix, along with its iconic fashion looks.

Emily in Paris, which premiered its third season on 21 December, follows American marketing executive Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) as she moves to the French capital. Season three picks up after the season two finale cliffhanger – which saw Emily’s British boyfriend Alfie choosing to stay in Paris for her.

Much like past seasons, these new episodes are also full of many high-fashion, avant-garde and all around eccentric wardrobe choices. Speaking to People, award-winning costume designer Marylin Fitoussi revealed how Emily’s fashion has been taken to the next level.

“I think that this season I had an even greater freedom,” the show’s lead costume designer told the outlet. “We have listed 14,000 pieces. I think that on Lily we did about 43 looks.”

When it comes to the season three ensembles, Fitoussi explained how they were able to play around with Emily’s style.

“We always have to present new things, to push the limits of what we can do,” Fitoussi said, adding that they mixed “vintage items with contemporary pieces” to exude a “Parisian tone and touch” while still reflecting Emily’s “irreverent” personality.

“It’s a bit of a calling, telling stories with clothes and making everyone feel beautiful,” Fitoussi continued. “Emily allows me to experiment entirely with this irreverent creative aspect where you get to break the codes of fashion, where you get to be yourself and feeling different and unique and to affirm it.”

Lily Collins wore 43 different looks on Emily in Paris season three (MARIE ETCHEGOYEN/NETFLIX)
Lily Collins wore 43 different looks on Emily in Paris season three (MARIE ETCHEGOYEN/NETFLIX)

Not only did the costume department have thousands of items to choose from, but a number of the pieces in season three were also second-hand clothes from thrift shops. William Abadie – who plays Antoine Lambert in Emily in Paris – called the move a “sign of the times,” saying that new designers working on the show “also go to the thrift shop and bring in antiques and vintage pieces”.

“It helps elevate [the show] and bring diversity in the fashion,” the actor said.

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