A campaign has launched for a giant vagina blimp to fly over Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Elvie has launched a campaign to fly a giant vagina inflatable over Edinburgh [Photo: PA]
Elvie has launched a campaign to fly a giant vagina inflatable over Edinburgh [Photo: PA]

Women’s health company, Elvie, is campaigning to get a 19ft vagina-shaped blimp high in the sky at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The brand claims it was “banned” from using a large illustration of female genitalia as part of its pop-up stall designed to raise awareness of female incontinence.

The festival later went on to prohibit them from flying a vagina-shaped inflatable outside of St Giles’ Cathedral as it was deemed “too taboo”. Instead, the large blimp has been left in a field just outside of the Scottish city.

In protest of the controversial decision, Elvie is now urging people to sign the brand’s petition to “allow Fanny to fly and fulfil her destiny”.

Alongside a photograph of the blimp shared on the official Instagram page, the caption reads: “It’s clear that these taboos around incontinence and women’s health still exist in abundance, even in spaces that actively pride themselves on encouraging freedom of expression.”

The petition has already racked up over 2,500 signatures so far with the petition closing today at 5pm.

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Incontinence is an issue which affects one in three women across the UK with 80% of new and expecting mothers suffering from the condition.

According to Elvie, 420,000 of women attending Fringe Festival will be affected by pelvic floor related issues.

In response to the controversy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society released a statement which reads: “The Fringe Society have been liaising with a third-party agency over the past few months regarding a space for Elvie on the High St and at no point have we banned them from participating.”

"The space in question is located right next to St Giles Cathedral and - alongside colleagues in City of Edinburgh Council - we have to consider the interests of multiple stakeholders when considering what activity can take place in that location.”

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“We have been supportive of Elvie's initiative from the outset and have offered their agency multiple alternatives - both in terms of separate sites across the Fringe and different ways of organising their stand on the High St - but sadly have not been able to reach an agreement with them to date.”

“The society remains open to discussions with Elvie to try to find a way forward that suits both parties.”

You can support the campaign over on change.org.

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