As An ELLE Editor, Here Are The Three Things I Am Buying In The Black Friday Sales

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ELLE Editor Three Top Picks For Black Friday 2022Hearst Owned

I have a tricky relationship with Black Friday sales, considering that for so much of the year I bang on about sustainable practices, shopping from your own wardrobe, circular fashion and whatnot. And I consider feverish sales-shopping to be undermining of those values.

That said, I do think there are ways to use Black Friday 2022 to your advantage without completely compromising your ethics. If there are, for example, items that might become staples of your wardrobe, to be worn time and time again, then I think looking to purchase a high quality product that's usually out of your price range has the potential to increase its lifespan in your life. So multi-wear items like coats, shoes, bags and jeans (rather than party dresses that could become a one-use wonder), are the way to shop the sales sensibly.

With this in mind, here are the three top products on my list, to snap up during the Black Friday sales this year.

A Good Pair Of Loose-Fit Jeans

Skinny jeans are dead don't you know, and looser styles are in for the foreseeable future, so investing in a great pair of slightly slouchy denim will serve you well in the coming months, nay, years. First, I have to give honourable mention to Agolde, which is on sale for some incredible prices (as little as £104) and I've heard from so many fashion editors that this brand gives a really great fit and comfortable wear. So if you're in the market for something truly affordable, check out Agolde's offering here.

For me, though, I would use the sales to snap up something from a classic designer that has true longevity. And there's no brand that suits that description more than Chloé. So, for me, these high-rise, straight-leg jeans are the winners.

A Neutral, Generously Sized Bag

There are so many amazing bags out there in the sales, and so many of them are bedazzled and sequinned and embellished. Which, don't get me wrong, is lovely for party season, but just remember you can rent any pretty party bag from one of the myriad rental sites out there, if you're just going to use it once for a night. If you're investing in a bag for life, you really need a neutral colour, that's generously sized for carrying phone, keys, wallet, headphones etcetera.

I love this Proenza bag because it can be worn multiple ways. I'm a big fan still of the bum bag trend (though, have never worn one around my waist, only ever slung across my torso or on my shoulder like a handbag), but I think a proper leather is a great way to take it to a place of luxury.

A Great Piece Of Outerwear

And finally, the piece of your wardrobe that's likely to work the hardest? Your outerwear. Finding good quality jackets and coats that look chic, but won't fade, disintegrate or come away at the seams when you're laden with work bags and workout gear is imperative to see you through the winter.

Although I have a trench coat and puffer fetish, a good leather piece is never a bad idea. Dries Van Noten gives good outerwear, this is fact, and this brown leather jacket is something I can easily pair with my favourite Gucci horsebit bag, over my new Chloé jeans, or even over a slinky black dress and heels if I wanted to add something leisurely to my partywear. It's a no brainer.

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