Elevate Store-Bought Cookie Dough With A Quick Roll In Spices

cinnamon dusted cookies and whole spices
cinnamon dusted cookies and whole spices - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Just because cookie dough comes prepared in a package doesn't mean you have to accept the recipe as is. Upgrade store-bought dough with flavorful additions like spices, herbs, seeds, and nuts to offer your dinner guests cookies that could easily be mistaken as fully homemade. The pre-made dough is ready and waiting for added flavors, and your unique pairings will bring a surprising taste to traditional recipes.

A shallow dish of spices is all you need to take your next batch of store-bought cookie dough up a notch. Instead of slicing off chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and setting the pieces onto a tray, take the extra effort to roll dough in cinnamon or a combination of spices like hawaij, a warming blend that can include ground ginger, cardamon, cloves, and nutmeg. If you're unsure about pairing sweeter cookie flavors with kitchen spices, begin by lightly pressing raw cookie dough into a plate covered in crushed almonds, toasted coconut flakes, or smashed pretzel pieces. One snap off a deeply sweet cookie with these savory inclusions will have you rethinking all your previous cookie-making efforts.

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A Creative Approach To Classic Cookies

taking cookies out of oven
taking cookies out of oven - Gmvozd/Getty Images

You may also want to try this spice technique with the next batch of cookies you bake from scratch. While other bakers sprinkle crunchy sea salt on top of their pre-made triple chocolate cookies, take your recipes a flavorful step further with added herbs and spices. Roll old-fashioned butter cookies in a mixture of dried herbs or top gooey lemon butter cookies with sprinkles of rosemary. Curry powder and garam masala can bring depth to classic peanut butter cookie and shortbread recipes, and rich dark chocolate cookie dough can be dusted with cayenne pepper powder or cinnamon.

From black pepper and thyme to red pepper flakes and everything but the bagel seasoning, your next baker's dozen need not be limited to a set palette of flavors. Simply look to your spice rack and get ready to unleash some serious culinary creativity. Once you've become familiar with introducing the contents of your kitchen cupboards to your sweetest recipes, both your homemade and store-bought cookies may never be the same.

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