This £2 electric whisk has been the game-changer I never expected

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This £2 electric whisk has been the game-changer I never expected. (Getty Images)
This £2 electric whisk has been the game-changer I never expected. (Getty Images)

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For the first few weeks of lockdown I could be found sitting on my high horse, judging all the unnecessary purchases my friends were making: crochet for beginners kits, fancy bread machines that took up 60% of the kitchen surface area and ridiculous hats as part of their fancy dress Zoom quizzes (which, might I add, we all took far too seriously at the time).

But, after two weeks of only escaping our four walls for an hour of wandering round the local neighbourhood - and dodging runners like I was playing a video game - I caved. I put on a vintage episode of Friends and spent an entire hour on Amazon buying anything and everything that I felt might make quarantine easier.

I’d just added an authentic matcha kit to my basket, and was about to check out, when I noticed that the shopping website had suggested a few ‘extras’ that I might want to buy and - partly because when shopping online you aren’t laden with shopping bags and sweating profusely like in real life - I bit.

Most of the suggestions weren’t relevant to me, but I did notice a little electric whisk, which the blurb told me could be used for frothing milk, beating eggs and mixing cocktails, amongst other things. So, because it was only £2, I thought I’d give it a go.

Little did I know, it was about to become dearer to me than any other object in my house, including my acupressure mat which, if you read my love letter to, you’ll know I adore.

At first, I just used the whisk to whip up super-frothy cappuccinos for my partner and me to replace the artisanal hot drinks we so craved from the local deli. Quite frankly, even if I had stopped there, I would have still got my money’s worth from the gadget and been infinitely happy I bought it.

But then, I started experimenting.

Soon I was whipping everything and anything I could get my hands: cream, turmeric lattes, porridge (spoiler: it goes incredibly creamy), cake mix, butter for our toast on the weekend and cocktails most days after (read: before) 6pm.

My partner joked that I would whisk anything you put in front of me, but he wasn’t far wrong. I was like a woman possessed.

The dinky whisk I bought was the DaoRier Milk Frother Kitchen Tool, which works using two AA batteries and is much more powerful than it looks: able to perfectly whip all manner of edibles within just 15 to 20 seconds.

Buy it: DaoRier Milk Frother Kitchen Tool | £1.99 from Amazon

Plus, it turns out that I’m not the only one obsessed.

One look at the emphatic reviews of the product will tell you that people up and down the UK are luxuriating in a life full of perfectly-whipped products.

“Works as well as other more expensive brands, strongly constructed, reasonably priced,” one shopper wrote.

While another added: “This great little frother is brilliant for whisking anything, particularly great for mixing and frothing powdered drinks like Horlicks or hot chocolate.”

In short, it’s a whisk-free (risk-free, get it?) purchase.