Ekin-Su: Will this breakfast be fuelling her Dancing On Ice training?

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Ekin-Su on her #1 breakfast + nutrition MOITV | Getty

If you've been feeling like you were lacking a bit of Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu on your screens (and, let's be honest here, all over your memes), you'll be pleased to hear that the reigning Love Island champ - and 50% of the show's most popular winning couple - is making a return to prime time.

Yes, Ekin-Su is starring in ITV's Dancing On Ice, with the first episode airing on Sunday 15th January. And you just know it's going to be entertaining.

As befits the show's gruelling training schedule, Ekin-Su has been putting in some serious graft. Both on the ice and in the gym. Not that that's a huge deviation from the 28-year-old's default MO, though.

Ekin-Su loves to train; for her, it's about much more than looking good or even ticking off performance goals.

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As she previously told WH: 'If I don’t get the workout [done] my mental health will go; mental health is why I work out - and [then] to look good.'

As well as the strength sessions we got a good glimpse of in the 2022 Love Island villa, she also loves to mix in cardio ('After I do cardio I feel like I can rule the world').

And, fittingly, she needs to eat well to fuel all this body-and-mind-fortifying movement.
And now there are gruelling on-ice sessions in the mix? Eating enough good-quality and nutrient-dense foods is especially vital.

We don't yet know the specifics of how the London-born actress is fuelling her intense training sessions. But, after quizzing her on her favourite foods and philosophy around eating in October, we can take a pretty good guess at one plate of food that's going to be in regular rotation.

Ekin-Su on her favourite breakfast

When asked about her favourite morning meal, Ekin-Su said: 'Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, with avocado.'

No points for culinarily originality there, but props for the hearty, sustaining combination of healthy fats and protein.

And while she certainly isn't averse to having boyfriend Davide Saclimenti prepping her morning meal (only this morning he posted a clip to his Instagram Story of Ekin-Su with some of his freshly-prepped pancakes), Ekin-Su actively enjoys prepping her favourite morning meal.

'I mean, I like cooking,' she told WH - and, happily for us, she was game to reveal her method. 'So [I'll cook the eggs] probably with butter, and a bit of milk. I won't make them in the microwave - I use a pan every time.'

As for the extras? 'I'll maybe add some salt. Maybe chives. And then smoked salmon,' she continues. 'And some brown bread on the side to keep me going.'

Sounds like the perfect breakfast to us. Or brunch. Or...brinner?

Ekin-Su on her balanced food philosophy

One thing this woman doesn't believe in, when it comes to nutrition, is restriction. 'Carbs are fine! Chocolate is fine! Having a drink is fine. It's all about moderation,' she told us. To which - in January and beyond - we unequivocally endorse .

Speaking of drinks, when she's going for an alcoholic tipple, Ekin-Su prefers a gin-and-slimline tonic with some cucumber. 'It just feels like a nice clean drink - and doesn't make me feel hungover the next day.'

Enjoyment is important to the actress and reality star. But she's a woman with big plans and dreams for what's next in her career. As such, she knows that, for the majority of the time, it's important that she consumes the sort of nutrient-packed good stuff that's going to help her feel and function and her best.

'I think you are what you eat, and you are what you put in your mind,' she told us. 'I want to feed myself with protein. I want to feed myself with green leafy vegetables and drink plenty of water. When you eat well, you feel well...but I also want to have my chocolate.'

Quite right, Ekin-Su. Godspeed on the ice!

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