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Take control of your life

Think: what’s at the root of your stress? Is it your to-do list at work? Perhaps you’re planning a wedding, or you have problems at home? Instead of feeling at the mercy of these aspects of your life, consider what you can change – whether that be looking for a new job, reaching out to family and friends for support or taking a break. [Photo: Pexels]

Effective ways of dealing with stress (and its causes)

Alice Sholl

Symptoms of stress tend to creep up on you. One moment, you think you’re feeling motivated and productive at work or that you’re perfectly on top of some of your personal problems, then realise you’re actually feeling pretty overwhelmed the next.

Everyone gets stressed from time to time, but when you end up being stressed constantly, that’s when you might still feel on edge even when the pressure is off.

You might find yourself feeling anxious, wound up, and your self-esteem hitting rock bottom.

And the true key to stopping this happening isn’t to deal with these symptoms first, but what’s causing them.

It’s only after that you can start thinking of ways to relieve yourself of those racing thoughts, sleep problems or dodgy eating habits.

Here are a few NHS-recommended ways of dealing with causes and symptoms.

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