Edinburgh Gin just launched 2 new canned spritz cocktails and they sound delicious

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Photo credit: Edinburgh Gin
Photo credit: Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin knows a thing or two about flavour, with its ever-popular gin liqueurs and flavoured gins now staples in bars and at home. So we have every faith the latest offerings from the brand are going to be brilliantly tasty; two new refreshing spritz cocktail cans, zesty Lemon Spritz and a twist on a classic, Negroni Spritz.

The Negroni Spritz (8%, L2B) blends Edinburgh Gin Classic London Dry with orange bitters and premium vermouth, all topped with gently carbonated soda for a sparkling cocktail packed with flavour. The Lemon Spritz (8%, L2B) is labelled a sweeter option, made with zesty lemon, Edinburgh Gin’s Classic London Dry, and fizzy white wine.

Both have an ABV of 8%, higher than the average canned cocktail with most coming in around 4.5%, so these are definitely ones to sit back and enjoy sipping at a leisurely pace.

A sociable summer serve, you can order each in a crate of a dozen for £30, perfect to share with friends and family for picnics, days in the park or at the beach.

The brand's G&T can has also had a makeover and a higher ABV.

Speaking on the launch, Neil Mowat, Brand Director at Edinburgh Gin said in the release: "As industry leaders our ready-to-drink range has always boasted a variety of wonderful flavour combinations, and our new spritz cocktails add a touch of summer time elegance to our offering.

Photo credit: Edinburgh Gin
Photo credit: Edinburgh Gin

"More-so than ever, we’re all looking forward to a well-deserved relaxing summer, and nothing accompanies a summer day like a perfectly mixed, refreshing cocktail."

We couldn't agree more!

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