The Easy Hack To Get Every Grape Off The Stem At Once

Bunches of colorful grapes
Bunches of colorful grapes - Mehmet Ali Poyraz/Shutterstock

Removing grapes from the stem can take a minute, especially if they are fresh and firm. When you are chowing down on this fruit in a relaxing manner, removing them one by one from the stem is not an issue; however, if you want to remove all the red, green, or purple grapes from a stem for a fruit salad or just for ease of popping them into your mouth, you may want to check out an easy hack that has been making its round on TikTok.

This innovative trick only requires a clean lint-free kitchen towel and a bunch of washed grapes that are still on the stem. Simply place your cotton candy, red globe, or flame seedless grapes and place them in the middle of the towel. Fold the towel over so it is covering the grapes and then with some gentle pressure start moving and rolling them around with your palms. In less than 30 seconds, the grapes will be off the stem and ready to eat.

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Remove The Grapes Judiciously

Grapes in boxes
Grapes in boxes - KHUNNINE/Shutterstock

What you will love about this hack is that it not only makes your grapes readily available to eat, but it doesn't require any fancy tools or kitchen gear to complete and anyone can do it, young or old. If you or someone you know struggles with the fine motor skills required to remove grapes, using a kitchen towel may be beneficial.

Now that you know how to do this trick, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Once you wash and remove grapes from the stems, they are going to turn soft and start to decay more quickly than if you had left them on the stem. The moral here is not to remove more than you plan to use or eat. Additionally, when grapes are at their freshest, they aren't soft or wrinkly nor do they easily fall off when you pick up the bunch. They are going to be rigid to the touch and firmly attached to the stem. Now, get some of your favorite grapes, try this hack, and enjoy!

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