Easter egg hunt clues: 51 riddles for an indoor and outdoor scavenger hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a great way to keep children entertained during the Easter holidays. With fun rhymes, clues and a little imagination, read the Easter egg hunt clues aloud and see your little ones guess where the yummy items are hidden.

Some Easter egg hunt clues can be harder than others, while some can lead the children outside to mix up their play. Why not throw the ultimate egg hunt this Easter Sunday (9th April 2023) and treat your children to some delicious chocolate goodies along the way. Follow our Easter egg hunt clues for guaranteed fun...

1. Fridge

Get your little ones thinking outside of the box with a clue that leads them to the fridge. For a clue idea, why not try the below?

This is something in your kitchen
Meat, milk and yogurt it does hold
The reason you put them in this
Is because it helps keep them cold

2. Clue hidden in a book

To do this one, simply choose a book to place the next clue beside. You can either tweak the clue to include the name of the book, or leave them guessing to make it harder!

This clue is on some shelves
So go and take a look
It's hidden amongst words and pictures
Inside your favourite...

3. Hanging on the washing line

Get your little ones outside by hanging the next clue on the washing line. You can either pop it in a bag or clip it with pegs along the line. Take a look at a clue idea below...

For the next clue you may have to run
Because it's where our clothes dry in the sun

close up of clothes drying on clothesline
Lina Bruins / EyeEm - Getty Images

4. Letterbox

For something a little different, why not hide another clue in the letterbox?

The next clue might be hard to spot
It's where the postman puts things in a slot

5. TV

Lead your kids to the TV with this fun mind-bending clue. You can either tweak it to make it more difficult or simply use it as it is. Why not give it a go this Easter?

The next clue is where you go
If you want to see a show
I am black as night but can be filled with light through me things can be seen

6. Washing machine

Keep the Easter egg hunt going by popping a clue inside the washing machine. Take a look at a clue idea below:

We hope this clue's not spinning round
With lots of soapy bubbles
If Mummy turns this machine on
The poor clue will be in trouble!

they'll come out all clean and fresh
Moyo Studio - Getty Images

7. Living room

Tweak this clue to include items you might have in the living room so children will know where to look. For inspiration, take a look at this riddle below:

This is a place in a house
Where you might find a bookcase
A couch and coffee table
A TV and fireplace

8. Dining room

I have four legs, but cannot walk
You sit at me when you use a fork...

9. Wellington boots

Pop another clue in a pair of wellies (make sure they're clean if you're hiding chocolate inside!) Take a look at some inspiration for a riddle below...

This clue is hiding in the dark
In somewhere rather smelly
We put these on to jump in mud
It's hidden in a...

blue welly boots sitting by an open back door
Catherine Falls Commercial - Getty Images

10. On their bed

Pop the next clue on their bed to keep the search for the sweets going. How long will it take your little ones to find?

It's been a long day, it's time to rest
You can lie down on my chest...

11. Washing basket

Hide the next clue in the washing basket with this fun riddle. Tweak it as you need to but it's certain to get your children guessing.

Lift up the lid
Of a basket, not a box
The next clue is hiding
With dirty pants and socks!

studio shot of laundry basket
Tetra Images - Getty Images

12. Bedroom drawer

Whether it's a sock drawer or a drawer in a wardrobe, get your children having a look around the bedroom for the next clue.

The next clue is hidden in a place
Where Daddy keeps his socks
We hope they're not too smelly
Or the clue will get a shock!

13. Hidden in a dolls house

In a tiny living room
It's too small for you to live in
Hurry! Can you find it soon

14. Dog bed

Pet owners should make the most of their pup's bed by using it as a spot to hide the next clue.

A furry friend guards this clue
He keeps it where he sleeps
I hope he hasn't nibbled it
Quick – go and take a peek

close up portrait of dog lying down
Christine Reppke / EyeEm - Getty Images

15. To the car

If you have a car parked safely on a driveway, why not place the clue on the seat (make sure you leave it open) or carefully beside the car. Take a look at a riddle idea below...

The next clue, if you peep
Is near something with four wheels and goes beep

16. Bird feeder

Get your children exploring the garden by hiding the next clue in the bird feeder. How long will it take yours to find?

Fill me with seeds and put me up high
My guests come from up in the sky

17. Tree

On a hot day, I give you a shady seat
Come sit here now to find what you seek
I grow big and tall and you love to climb on me!

18. Fence

This one is a little easier, but it's a great clue if you're extending your hunt in the garden. Take a look at it below...

I separate your house from your neighbours and I made from wood
Do you remember where I am stood?

wooden fence
Wuka - Getty Images

19. Flower pot

Simple but fun, this clue is great if you're hiding it in your flower pot. Why not place a few mini eggs inside to keep the excitement rolling?

I hold flowers in my base, and love to be watered.

20. Printer

If you have a printer at home, pop the next quiz in between the paper (or on top) to keep the hunt going.

I'm full of paper and ink, but I am not a book like you might think.

21. Clock

Choose a clock in your house (opt for the largest one) and place the next clue beside it. Watch as your children run to find out where it is.

I make a ticking sound and tell you the time.
Where can you find me?

22. Microwave

I make a beeping sound when your food is done.

23. Watering can

Lead your little ones to a watering can outside with this easy Easter egg hunt clue.

Use me to give plants a drink, you fill me up from the kitchen sink!

24. A swing

Got a swing in the garden? Why not hide your next clue there...

Reach new heights by swinging on my seat, a regular chair just can't compete.

swing in garden
Johner Images - Getty Images

25. Pillow

Need an Easter egg hunt clue to lead your children under the pillow? Take a look at this simple riddle below...

I am under the place where your head rests, after a long day of takings tests. Where the tooth fairy leaves your pound is where the next clue can be found.

26. Shoes

Check the item that you put on your feet to go outside!

wellington boots lined up in utility room
Dougal Waters - Getty Images

27. Toaster

You put bread in me, and it comes out nice and crispy.

28. The sink

A delicious boiled egg is served in a cup, but when you've finished eating where do you wash it up?

29. Where you keep your toothbrush

You're nearing the end of the Easter gold rush, now head to the place where you'd find your toothbrush.

plastic free family toothbrushes in bathroom
Dougal Waters - Getty Images

30. Dictionary

Make the Easter egg hunt a little trickier by leading your children to the dictionary on a bookshelf.

Find me when you need to know how to spell a word.

31. BBQ

Once the children are outside, lead them to the BBQ with this simple riddle.

I've got charcoal in my belly, and metal feet.
Once I am hot, it's time to eat.

32. Garden hose

A slightly trickier one, see if your children can locate the garden hose with this Easter egg hunt clue.

Use me to cool down the ground on a hot day
I am long and effective I must say, I wonder whether you will find me

holding water rubber hose tube watering
Seregraff - Getty Images

33. Soap dispenser

Give me a tap and I'll give you some suds,
I come in handy when you're covered in mud.

34. Freezer

I'll give you cubes and cold creamy treats,
when it comes to negative temperature, I can't be beat.

35. Ironing board

I have legs, but fold up tidy and flat,
I keep clothes crisp without the laundromat.

36. Garden furniture

You can lay on me or sit, and put me up or down,
I'm better with cushions, and keep you off the ground.

37. Drinking cup

Do your children have a drinking cup that they regularly use? Why not fold up the next clue inside?

The treasure hunt is almost up, have you checked inside the cup?

drinking cup
Aitor Diago - Getty Images

38. Computer

I can take you to places you've never seen
But first, type your password in on my screen.

39. Stove

I never get angry, but I do get hot.
I'm the perfect place for a pan or a pot.

40. Front door

I have a round knob and also a lock.
Visitors and salesmen may give me a knock.

property interiors
John Keeble - Getty Images

41. Bike

Hop on, let's go, don't make me beg.
My wheels are fast, but use your legs!

42. Shower

Jump inside, the water's fine! If it's not, just take your time. I will help you smell nice and clean, do you know who I am?

43. Stairs

To reach the top, you will start low on the first step. With ever step, the goal you'll reach. Although the journey might make it hard to breathe.

44. Mirror

When you stare at me you see yourself in reverse. What turns everything around but does not move?

45. Cereal box

I am dry and crunchy – that's how I'm made! But people like to see me bathe. In a box or in a pouch, the perfect meal for any slouch.

46. Socks

I keep your feet warm and always come in pairs.

47. Scales

You'll usually find me in the kitchen. I don't mind a little weight.

48. Welcome mat

I greet every guest but never say a word.

welcome mat
Image Source - Getty Images

49. Birdhouse

If not for me, the birds would live in the tree.

50. Flowerbed

I'm a bed without sheets and always dirty.

51. Wardrobe

End your Easter egg hunt by hiding all of the treats in a wardrobe. We're certain your little ones (and adults!) will enjoy the feast.

Go out with a bang and find your last clue in the place your clothes hang.

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