25 easy Easter egg hunt ideas

If you're looking for a fun way to spend the Easter bank holiday weekend this year, you can't go far wrong with planning an Easter egg hunt! It's a lovely way to entertain children over the Easter holidays, and of course to eat plenty of chocolate. And we've got some great Easter egg hunt ideas to make this year extra special.

Easter egg hunts can be as simple or eggstravagant as you like – and there are plenty of fun activities and easy makes that the whole family can get involved in to help prepare for a great Easter weekend. There are so many creative Easter ideas to inspire you to get crafty.

When it comes to how long you have left to plan, Easter weekend falls at the end of March this year, with Good Friday on 29 March 2024 and Easter Sunday on 31 March 2024.

We've rounded up the best products and creative ideas you'll need to make sure you have a magical Easter egg hunt that everyone will love!

Easter egg hunt signs

If you're going to have an Easter egg hunt, you want to make sure that everyone knows where they are starting and which way to go, so some pretty signs are a must.

If you're feeling crafty, you can make your own by drawing them onto pieces of colourful card before looping string through them to hang or attach them to twigs or wooden dowels to stick into the ground.

If you don't fancy making Easter egg hunt signs yourself, there are plenty available to buy online; some even have the option to add personalisation to them. Or you could guide the way round the trail with coloured helium balloons tied to egg-shaped weights.

Little ones will love following the Easter bunny's paw prints around the garden to find the chocolate. Draw bunny paw prints onto your patio in chalk or spray them on grass with washable spray paint to build the excitement during your hunt.

Easter egg hunt baskets

Now that we know where we're hunting, thanks to our fabulous Easter egg hunt signs, we need something to collect all our goodies in! We've got some lovely Easter basket ideas to pop all your chocolates in.

Crochet Easter basket

If you're itching to do some spring-themed stitching, then why not give crocheting your own Easter baskets a go!

You can keep things nice and simple by crocheting in the round to make a basket shape or even try using a round knitting loom.

Upcycled Easter egg hunt ideas

If you want to keep things as low waste as possible, you could always make an upcycled Easter basket! This is also a perfect crafting activity to have set up before your Easter egg hunt to keep the kids busy.

Letting kids upcycle old cereal boxes into DIY easter baskets is great fun, all you need is some old cereal boxes that have been cut in half (to create two basket shapes out of one box) and materials to decorate them with.

Decorating paper bags is also a great way to make Easter baskets – you can let the kids go crazy with paints and pens to colour them in or provide them with a selection of Easter shapes in coloured paper. Why not make these Easter bunny gift bags?

Easter hunt clues and prizes

To make the hunt a bit easier for little ones, why not write some clues to where the eggs are on coloured card – you could even make up little rhymes for extra fun!

And as well as the chocolate, it's so much fun to hand out trophies at the end of the hunt to all the participants. Make your own by buying plain trophies and popping a decorated Easter egg inside them.

Easter decor

There is nothing more fun than decorating for different seasonal events and switching up your home decor. There are so many ideas out there, from creating beautiful decoupage Easter eggs (perfect for hiding treats in) to super cute embroidered bunny cushions.

Why not decorate your garden ready for the Easter egg hunt with pretty bunting, or hide some of the chocolates under these sweet felt animals.

Prettying up your home for an Easter egg hunt is ideal, as you can keep to a spring theme of pastels or flowers – then add in some extra pieces just for Easter festivities.

Balloon arches

If you've got family coming over for an Easter egg hunt and want some impactful decor that can be done on a budget, a balloon arch or garland is great for impact

White balloons can easily be decorated with a bunny face, ears and feet, and coloured balloons can be turned into flowers by adding petal shapes around the outside (this is the ideal project to tackle with a Cricut Joy!).

Faux flowers

If you want to add a floral feel to your home but hat the idea of wilting blooms, why not make your own paper flowers?

They'll look great displayed on a mantle or even put into a vase.

Pompom garland

Creating a pompom garland can be an activity that everyone can get involved in! Pompoms are super easy to make by hand, but if you want to speed up the process, you can use a pompom maker – this little pompom making set is fab as it comes with four different size pompom makers.

Choose wool in pretty pastel colours, and once you've got a collection of pompoms made, you simply thread them onto a longer length of wool or string to create your garland.

Alternatives to chocolate eggs

Usually, chocolate eggs are hidden for people to find during an Easter egg hunt but that doesn't mean you can't hide other items instead. If you've got family and friends with allergies or dietary requirements, it might mean that chocolate is off the menu, why not try hiding reusable plastic eggs that can be filled with other treats that are safe for them to eat.

Instead of hiding food-based prizes, hide little tokens that can be swapped for prizes at the end of the hunt. You could make the tokens from egg-shaped wooden cutouts that have been decorated as a craft project – another bonus of this is that the tokens can be used year after year.

Easter party favours

If you're planning to go all out for the Easter festivities and an Easter egg hunt is just one part of your day, you might want to look at providing special Easter party favours to guests (this is a great idea if you are having a chocolate free Easter celebration).

Like with most party favours, you don't have to go to great expense to provide something that people will love and enjoy as a memento of the day – we've rounded up some of our favourite Easter party favours.

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