EastEnders' Reiss Colwell's murder victim 'revealed' - and it's not his wife Debbie

EastEnders fans think Reiss Colwell is about to snap - and have "worked out" his victim.

Jonny Freeman, who portrays Reiss, made his debut on the show in 2022. As Dot Branning's (played by the late June Brown) great-nephew, Reiss quickly found his place in Walford.

He also sparked a romance with Walford icon Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy). The couple faced a rollercoaster journey trying to conceive, hindered by Reiss' infertility issues.

In a heart-wrenching plot twist last year, it was disclosed that Reiss' wife had been left in a long-term coma. With a burning desire for a child, and after much anticipation, Sonia and Reiss embarked on IVF, with Sonia undergoing the procedure.

Fans fear Reiss is about to snap -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

However, Sonia was oblivious to the fact that Reiss had stolen funds from Debbie's account to pay for the IVF. Initially, they received joyous news when Sonia discovered she was expecting, reports Daily Star.

But their happiness was short-lived as Sonia was later informed she wasn't actually pregnant. Undeterred, they began another round of IVF, but this week's episodes saw Reiss grappling with severe financial woes.

Reiss was confronted with an £18,000 bill for his comatose wife Debbie's care fees. Yet, fortune seemed to smile on him when Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) proposed he manage her finances.

Reiss' wife is in a coma -Credit:BBC

Despite this opportunity, Reiss succumbed to temptation and siphoned off some money into his own account, only to be consumed by guilt when Sharon generously gave him a bonus.

Now, fans are convinced that Reiss might be hurtling towards catastrophe because of his lies and Debbie's rising care bills. So certain, in fact, they're predicting he might turn into the soap's "next serial killer."

Viewers reckon Sharon could be Reiss' victim -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

On Twitter, one avid viewer wrote: "I feel like Reiss can kill. There's a serial killer somewhere deep inside of him itching to be let out."

Another chipped in with: "Reckon Reiss is going to murder Debbie to save on care home fees and get all her money."

Yet, other fans believe Sharon could be the one to face Reiss' wrath. One commented: "You know something if they do a reveal that Reiss is pushed to breaking point and kills Sharon...."

Another pointed out: "Reiss is trying to scam Sharon.. this won't end well.."

Others flagged: "Creepy Reiss is going to attack or kill Sharon isn't he."

Plus, someone else cautioned: "Oh bl***y Hell, stay away from Sharon."

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