EastEnders legend Michelle Collins opens up on 'worst day of her life'

Michelle Collins has paid tribute to her late mother Mary, three years after she passed away. Sharing that this was the "worst day" of her life, the EastEnders actress shared a photo of her mum on Instagram.

Captioning the photo, she wrote: "#3years #today #lostyou #mummy #mary, was probably one of the worst days of my life, grief is a funny thing isn’t it it completely takes over you and slowly moves away it doesn’t completely go but it’s always just there hovering ……... #missyou"

Fans were quick to comment on the emotional post, with many sharing messages of condolences. One wrote: "Thinking of you, my mum has been gone 10 years next week. Miss her always."

Michelle Collins's mum Mary
Michelle Collins has penned an emotional tribute to her late mother, three years after she passed away -Credit:Instagram/michelledcollins

"Love to you all @michelledcollins, one thing grief can’t take away is our precious memories of our loved ones that will have a special place in our hearts forever" added another. While a third penned: "Sending prayers of comfort to you Michelle"

Michelle's mother sadly passed away in 2021, following a two-year battle with cancer. Announcing the sad news at the time, the actress wrote: "My beautiful Mummy passed away on Friday 30th April.

"We are all devastated. She leaves behind her partner Sid , daughters Vicky and myself, 3 grandchildren Charlotte, Jack and Maia and her nephews and nieces whom she loved very much and her little dog #nano from @alldogsmatter.

Michelle Collins
Michelle's fans have shared messages of support on the anniversary of her mother's death -Credit:Getty Images

"She was the strongest, kindest woman I knew. Fierce, protective, passionate, clever, fun, articulate. She gave Vicky and I our #drive and #hunger for life" Michelle then went on to thank the medical professionals who had taken care of mum her during her two-year cancer battle.

Last year saw Michelle return to EastEnders, 25 years after her character Cindy Beale was said to have died in childbirth. However, it was later revealed that Cindy had gone into witness protection after testifying against a dangerous drug dealer.

Following her unexpected return from the ‘dead’ after the drug dealer died, Cindy headed home to Walford where she reunited with her husband Ian Beale and family, but soon found herself embroiled in a sticky situation as her former lover and father of two of her daughters George Knight had also just recently moved in across the road!

Michelle made her long-awaited return to EastEnders last year -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

With chemistry bubbling away between the pair, fans are adamant that it will only be a matter of time before Cindy leaves Ian once again and rekindles her romance with George, but an illicit romance isn’t the only thing on the cards for Cindy, as Michelle teased what lies ahead for her character in the coming weeks.

Appearing on a recent episode of The One Show to promote her latest film, Stephen, the EastEnders icon let slip that many fans had been dubbing Cindy “too nice” since her return, with several calling for a return to her villainous roots - and it appears they may be about to get their wish.

Giving a one word answer to what lies ahead for Cindy, Michelle admitted her character would be getting “badder” in the coming days, before hosts Roman Kemp and Alex Jones interjected in a flurry of giggles after realising the correct word she was looking for was “worse”.

“I was trying to think of a word I could say! A lot of people have said Cindy’s too nice!" protested Michelle before also succumbing to laughter.