EastEnders' Lacey Turner's sister joined soap - but boss didn't know they were related

EastEnders' very own Lacey Turner, famed for her role as Stacey Slater, isn't the only star in her family to grace the BBC One soap.

Rocketing to fame in 2004 as the feisty Stacey Slater, Lacey quickly became a fan favourite with her captivating performances and gripping storylines.

Lacey's portrayal of Stacey has seen her character tackle some intense plots, from grappling with bipolar disorder to being embroiled in murder - it's been a rollercoaster ride in Albert Square for her.

But the acting talent clearly runs in the family, as Lacey's little sister also stepped into the limelight. When Lacey took a break from the show in 2010, her sister Lily Harvey, using their mum's surname professionally, joined the EastEnders cast.

Lacey is a soap legend -Credit:No credit

At just nine years old, Lily Harvey shone onscreen as Shenice Quinn, the daughter of Kat Slater's friend Martine, bringing her own charm to Walford, reports the Daily Star.

Interestingly, even the show's executive producer was initially oblivious to the familial connection. Bryan Kirkwood admitted: "Whether by accident or design I sat down and watched a [video] tape of a very talented young girl."

Lacey's young sister appeared on EastEnders -Credit:BBC

"And it was only after we decided that I was told it was Lacey's sister. So it was a complete accident."

Lily's stint as a guest star on EastEnders lasted until August 2011, after which she was offered a full-time role but left the show in 2012.

The Turner sisters seem to have a penchant for soap operas, as another sibling, Daisy Turner, ventured into the genre. At the age of 20, Daisy joined Hollyoaks, the Channel 4 soap, portraying the glamorous Jenny Houston.

She appeared on the soap in 2011 -Credit:BBC

Starting as a newcomer in the soap world while her older sister Lacey had a notable head start wasn't easy, Daisy confessed in a chat with Liverpool Echo: "All three of us do it."

"Lacey and I acted as kids. Our mum, Bev, let us do everything singing, dancing and acting," she further elaborated. But when Daisy snagged her role on Hollyoaks, Lacey had nothing but supportive words to offer, reassuring her little sis that "she is there" for her.

Here's what Daisy shared about how it transpired: "I was at home with my mum and sisters when I got the call to say I'd got the part. Lacey said if I need her, she is there."

But despite Lacey's comforting words, Daisy couldn't help but feel a certain pressure: "I suppose there is a bit of pressure because she is very good at what she does. She has done it for years and I am just starting out."