EastEnders fans praise 'powerful' episode as Yolande Trueman's sexual assault storyline starts

BBC EastEnders fans were left in tears as they praised the soap and its actors as Yolande Trueman's sexual assault storyline began. Emotions ran high among viewers after Yolande Trueman, played by Angela Wynter, was sexually assaulted in Wednesday's episode of the hit drama.

The beloved character is at the heart of a devastating storyline as the London-based soap tackles this often unspoken crime, a decade on from Linda Carter's own traumatic experience with Dean Wicks.

In the episode aired on Wednesday, 17 April, Patrick Trueman (played by Rudolph Walker) was on high alert, leading fans to speculate that he might confront Pastor Clayton (Howard Saddler) while his wife was fully engrossed in her church fundraiser. However, instead of reuniting, the couple found themselves torn apart as tensions escalated, resulting in Yolande banning her husband from the event.

Yolande Trueman (ANGELA WYNTER);Patrick Trueman (RUDOLPH WALKER
Viewers praised Angela Wynter for her portrayal of Yolande Trueman in the BBC soap -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

As the final preparations for the fundraiser were underway, with Yolande thrilled that Denise and Chelsea Fox had both agreed to help, Pastor Clayton slowly began to make his move. He gathering information about Yolande's recent argument with Patrick before attacking her in a locked cupboard.

The episode ended with a shaken Yolande seen as her attacker exited, struggling to comprehend and recover from her ordeal, reports the Mirror.

Soap fans took to social media to highlight the "triggering" but nevertheless "powerful" episode and praised actress Angela for her "award-worthy" performance. "Extremely powerful and important episode that was very well executed. Such an important subject matter", a fan commented, adding: "Angela Wynter was phenomenal. Yolande's pain was almost tangible. The emotions displayed by Angela Wynter's performance are award worthy."

"Spectacular performances in tonight's #EastEnders. Felt ill for Yolande. Stellar acting", another echoed, while someone else stated: "Not Yolande, that was too hard an episode to watch."

Angela Wynter as Yolande Trueman in the BBC soap
Angela Wynter as Yolande Trueman in the BBC soap

However, one soap watcher was keen to see the gut-wrenching storyline conclude quickly: "Oh Yolande - I hope #eastenders wrap this storyline up swiftly, madly triggering - I didn't see a warning at the start either."

Unfortunately, this is just the start of a tough journey for Yolande as the residual trauma from her assault will stop her from going to church. Oblivious to her suffering, Patrick will urge her to continue practising her faith - much like Pastor Clayton. In upcoming scenes, Patrick's gestures become distressing for Yolande when he plans a romantic dinner.

If you've been affected by any of the issues in this story you can contact Rape Crisis in the UK on their online chat or by calling 0808 500 2222.