The easiest fruit and vegetables to plant in your garden

According to research, there’s a 29 per cent increase in millennials enjoying gardening. [Photo: Getty]
According to research, there’s a 29 per cent increase in millennials enjoying gardening. [Photo: Getty]

Recent research discovered that 84 per cent of millennials would not garden unless it was easy to do and their gardens were easy to maintain.

According to Common Sense Gardening, the report found a 29 per cent increase in millennials enjoying gardening. It seems enjoyment levels are rising but the need for simplicity and ease is still at the forefront of the new gardener’s minds.

Planting fruits and vegetables in your garden doesn’t have to be a chore, neither does maintaining them. These simple fruits and vegetables all but grow themselves:

Blackberries and raspberries

Also known as caneberries, who knew? These don’t just provide a tasty snack for you, but they also encourage butterflies and birds into your garden. After you’ve planted this bush, you just have to keep it well-watered for big, juicy berries. It’s also worth feeding them twice in the spring with a balanced fertiliser. Make sure each feed is around 6 weeks apart for the best results.


The staple ingredient of any summer G&T. You can plant cucumbers in containers which make them a great vegetable to grow if you’re tight on space. Cucumbers are susceptible to fungus, but using a simple fungicide will help keep problems at bay. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, too, which all have slightly different tastes. Why don’t more people grow cucumbers exclusively? There’s a niche to explore.

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Garlic is a great herb to grow in the UK because it thrives on colder weather. It’s advised to buy your planting garlic locally, so you know the variety will suit your climate. It can be planted in early spring or autumn. Insects don’t like garlic, so that’s another benefit of adding this low-maintenance vegetable into your garden.


Every year, strawberries grow in my garden. They were planted by a previous owner and I do absolutely nothing to maintain them. That’s how easy they are to manage. Strawberries are so versatile. They can grow in the ground, in raised beds or in containers. It doesn’t matter how big your space, there’s a strawberry variety to suit your situation.

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Everyone loves a good tomato. And, how impressive will it be when you whip out your homemade ketchup at your BBQ? They can be grown in so many different conditions and they smell amazing. There’s a reason that tomato scented candles exist. Tomatoes do require full sun, so make sure you plant them next to your sun lounger. The smell of tomatoes + sunshine = happy days.

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