EADEM’s New Lippie Is Finally Making ‘Parisian Chic’ Inclusive

True to its Latin name, which means 'the same' or 'all,' EADEM has always been a brand that transcends beauty, uniting women of color and fostering artistry through inclusivity. This time, they've taken their mission a step further, revolutionizing lip care with their latest innovation: the new Le Chouchou Lip Treatment. Celebrating the diversity of beauty, it ensures that everyone feels included.

That feeling extends even to the name of the product: Chouchou. Chosen by the founders, the cute French term of endearment means 'favorite' or 'beloved’ and reflects how they hope the world will feel about the product. Their aim was to combine all their favorite aspects of a lip treatment – think moisture and high-shine color — into one sleek tube. “We all have a million lip products in our makeup bag—as someone who puts everything in their pockets, I just want THE ONE thing to do it all,” says the brand's co-founder, Marie Kouadio Amouzame.

Born in West Africa and raised in France, Amouzame has always drawn inspiration from her identity and relationship to French beauty. "It's my mission to shift what it means to be 'Parisian-chic' and open that label up to people across all ethnicities and beliefs — even if I don't look like what most people think of when they hear 'French beauty’.”


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EADEM'S Le Chouchou is available in five effortless shades, catering to all beauty lovers. The high-shine lip balm contains superstar ingredients like AHAs, enzymes and African mongongo butter, alongside collagen-boosting peptides to exfoliate, plump, and nourish. So if you want juicy, yummy lips without having to reapply a product every hour, this one is definitely for you.

The Softening Lip Balm, Le Chouchou, can be purchased for $24 USD via EADEM's site.

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