Dutch Student Fakes South East Asia Travelling Adventure With Photoshop

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How many times do you sigh and go a little green with envy at your Facebook friends' travelling photos?

They all look so tanned and warm, surrounded by loads of fellow travelling mates, wearing funky clothes, frolicking in the sea, lying on the beach, or taking in the local food.

Zilla on a beautiful Asian beach... or is she? (Zilla van den Born)

But one girl set out to prove that just like the rest of our social media lives, travelling photos may not always be what they seem.

Photoshop can really make a holiday snap come to life. But Zilla van den Born proves it can also make a fake vacation look like real life.

The dutch student faked her vacation photos to trick her friends and family into believing that she was on a five-week trip in Southeast Asia. She posted shots of herself seeing the local sights, eating the cuisine and enjoying the beaches.

The beach without Zilla (Zilla van den Born)
With a little Photoshop wizardry (Zilla van den Born)

She even showed off 'friends' she'd made on the trip and her time spend with Buddhist monks.

But van den Born was just playing a prank as part of a project for her University course.

Zilla even met a monk... (REX)

In our current Instagram society, Zilla wanted to prove that sometimes the things shared on social media aren’t necessarily true. With the help of filters and editing software, people are able to alter what “reality” really means.

Zilla's new friends (Zilla van den Born)
And there Zilla is with them as if by magic (Zilla van den Born)

On her website, Zilla posted images before and after she Photoshopped them.

She took a photo in a pool and made it look like she was in the ocean. and she even cleverly redecorated her apartment to look like a hotel room when she skyped with her parents.

Quite the wizard with photo editing software, Zilla even managed to make a snap of her in a swimming pool look like she was swimming with tropical fishes in the ocean.

Zilla in a pool in the Netherlands (Zilla van den Born)
And now she's in the sea... (Zilla van den Born)

Ultimately one has to ask though, wouldn't it just have been a better use of time to go to South East Asia and explore for five weeks?

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