Durex Has Launched A ‘Dash Button’ (And What Is That Exactly?)


[Photo: Amazon]

What exactly is a dash button? The future, apparently, as Amazon has just launched a range of them on their website.

In a nutshell, it’s a Wi-Fi-connected device that lets you reorder your favourite product by pressing a button - for if you’ve suddenly run out of shaving stuff or skincare, for example.

And Durex is one of the brands to join the gang, so that if you run out of the magical, latex sex essential that is condoms, more can be heading your way in a jiffy.

If you think about it, of all the products, it makes the most sense. Sure, running out of day cream might be considered an emergency for some, but condoms surely call for a little more urgency.

A bit like toilet roll. And bin liners… Hell, we can kind of see what they’re going for here.

In response to all of this, Twitter is already sharing imagined scenarios involving the little gadget.

What they’re saying is kind-of true; how would you feel if you came home to someone’s house with one of these hanging in the bedroom?

Besides Durex, plenty of other brands are on board, including Ariel, Kleenex and Dettol.

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