Dunkin's Summer Menu Includes New Donut-Inspired Drinks

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Donut lovers, the time has come: Dunkin' just dropped its summer menu, which includes a trio of new donut-inspired coffee flavors. In what the company is calling "a 'drinkable' twist on donuts," per a press release, Dunkin' is rolling out the Blueberry Donut Iced Coffee and the Vanilla Frosted Donut Signature Latte (Hot or Iced). The key ingredient in both of these sweet-inspired drinks is Dunkin's new Donut Swirl -- a Swirl-style flavoring with tasting notes of vanilla frosting and pastry.

In anticipation of National Donut Day on June 7, Dunkin' is also dropping an all-new flavor-matched duo: the Kiwi Watermelon Dunkin' Refresher (available with green tea or lemonade) and Watermelon Burst Donut filled with watermelon-flavored jelly. These new items will be available for a limited time; specifically how long you can expect them to stick around is unclear.

It could be argued that Dunkin' already offers "donut-adjacent" coffee flavors with its existing Butter Pecan, Caramel, French Vanilla, and Mocha flavoring swirls that can be added to any iced coffee. They might mimic the flavor profiles of existing donuts like glazed, maple, cream-filled, vanilla frosted, and the coffee roll. Still, these new releases are more specifically geared toward being dupes. So, do the new donut-inspired coffees actually taste like donuts? Fans who have already tried them have mixed reviews.

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Fans Say Dunkin's Donut-Flavored Coffees Aren't Solid Dupes

vanilla and blueberry donut coffees
vanilla and blueberry donut coffees - Business Wire

One TikTok foodie @nicoleaxelrod ordered the new coffees and the donuts that inspired them to compare. In the taste test of the Vanilla Frosted Donut Signature Iced Latte, the TikToker noted, "I do get a slight hint of donut," laughing. Compared to the vanilla frosted donut, the foodie said, "It does kind of taste similar" and noted the aesthetic similarity of the pale-colored, rainbow-sprinkle-topped frosted donut and iced latte with whipped cream. The final verdict: "I mean, obviously it still tastes like coffee, but it's like if they put the two together, just smashed it together." Another TikToker @leximariahmusic tried Dunkin's Blueberry Donut Iced Coffee and was more skeptical: "I kind of wish for my first time trying it, I didn't get the blueberry in it because I can't really figure out what exactly the Donut Swirl tastes like. But it's good ... I [just] don't really get what's 'donut' about it."

Indeed, this "I don't get it" conclusion seems popular. It was shared by another YouTube food reviewer, The Endorsement, who said the same thing about Dunkin's Vanilla Frosted Signature Iced Latte. Quoth The Endorsement: "I don't know how we're gonna get 'donut' from this. I think it's just a ploy to get a new product out for summer, just my opinion." The reviewer comments that the most "donut" thing about the drink is the rainbow sprinkles on top.

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