Duncan Bannatyne’s health clubs turn down pool temperature amid energy price rise

Duncan Bannatyne has revealed that swimming pools in his health clubs have been turned down by “one degree” amid the ongoing energy crisis, a move which has sparked backlash from members.

The Dragon’s Den star issued a brief statement on Twitter after one member of his Bannatyne Health Club said the swimming pool was “too cold to use”.

Bannatyne said the temperatures of the pools are currently set at 28C, “which is certainly not too cold to use”.

He later clarified that the clubs had turned down the temperature to save costs.

“They were turned down one degree to help us combat the energy crisis,” Bannatyne said.

“Some other clubs have closed pools or hot tubs. Many clubs and leisure centres will close during the next few months.”

He added that rising energy bills meant the cost of heating the clubs’ pools had “quadrupled”.

Bannatyne’s statement comes after more than a dozen users took to social media to complain about the clubs’ pools allegedly being too cold.

Prices of memberships at the health clubs vary by region, but cost between £20 and £70.

Duncan Bannatyne declined The Independent’s request for comment.

Last month the government announced a support package for businesses which would be “equivalent to the energy price guarantee put in place for households”.

The provision states that wholesale gas and electricity prices will be fixed from 1 October until the end of March 2023.

Businesses across the Uk and Ireland have voiced concerns about their future amid rising energy costs.

Some venues in the hospitality industry are introducing new measures to help curb costs.

One pub in Dublin is running a promotion which encourages punters to keep their coats on inside the venue.

Every Tuesday, those visiting Doyle’s Corner are asked to wrap up warm so that the pub may keep its heating turned off. In exchange, customers receive a 20 per cent discount on their food bill.