I'm Pretty Much The Dumbest Guy On Earth So My Mind Just Got Blown After Seeing These 25 Absolutely Incredible Pictures For The First Time Last Week

I'm Pretty Much The Dumbest Guy On Earth So My Mind Just Got Blown After Seeing These 25 Absolutely Incredible Pictures For The First Time Last Week

1.This is what a wild peanut growing out of the ground looks like:

Close-up of a small green plant sprouting from the ground, breaking through a seed shell with wood mulch surrounding it

I simply must have this little peanut.

u/benevolentcheese / Via reddit.com

2.So many people lose their hats at the Hoover Dam that there's basically a hat graveyard at the bottom:

A tall, beige-walled structure with a litter-strewn area and drainage grate at the base

3.This is what Mount St. Helens looked like before it erupted in 1980, becoming the deadliest volcanic eruption in US history...

A blurry photograph of a snow-capped mountain with forests at its base. No visible persons or text
Josef Scaylea / Contributor

4.And this is what Mount St. Helens looked like after the 1980 eruption:

Mount St. Helens after the eruption

Absolutely decimated.

Education Images / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

5.This is what economy class on a commercial plane looked like in the 1960s:

A very wide plane interior with two aisles and rows of four comfy-looking seats in the center and two or three seats on the side

Hmmm. I don't know about you, but I much prefer today's system of being shoved into the tiniest seat imaginable and having the most miserable four hours of your life.

- / AFP via Getty Images

6.This is what the inside of a quarter looks like:

Inside of a quarter

7.This is what the blowhole on a humpback whale looks like:

A snorkeler floats in the ocean near a surfacing whale with barnacles on its head, close to a boat

It's like a big nose. IT'S A BIG NOSE!

Wild Horizon / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

8.Redwood trees are really, really, really, really big:

A woman standing next to a redwood

Shout out to big trees.

Yenwen / Getty Images

9.In some lines of work, you cannot carry a cellphone with a camera. This is what an iPhone with no camera looks like:

Hand holding a black iPhone with a visible Apple logo on a marble countertop next to a glass container

10.This is what a hummingbird egg looks like compared to an ostrich egg:

A hand holding an ostrich egg and a hummingbird egg

I seriously doubt you can guess which is which.

Picture Alliance / dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

11.This is what the Statue of Liberty looks like from the back:

The back of the Statue of Liberty

In case you were wondering.

u/rammaam / Via reddit.com

12.This, in all its 1912 glory, is what a first-class suite looked like on the ship:

A modest room with a full-size bed, rug, and three not very comfy-looking chairs and a small table

It's a replica, obviously.

Michel Boutefeu / Getty Images

13.Some libraries tell you just how much using them has saved you. Spoiler alert, my friend — it's a lot:

Library receipt showing savings: Total items: 31. You've saved $820.69 using your library card. Annual savings $5,413.94, total savings $17,846.79

14.In some places you can buy BAGS of cooking oil:

Bags of 1-liter cooking oil sitting on a grocery store shelf, priced at 256.00 of the local currency

15.Avocado pits... well, they can be very tiny:

Sliced avocado with a small pit and some chopped tomatoes on a green cutting board

16.This is a sunfish...

A person in a Santa Claus costume SCUBA dives next to a large sunfish inside an aquarium, creating a festive underwater scene

Pictured here with Santa, naturally.

Yoshikazu Tsuno / AFP via Getty Images

17.And this is what the skeleton of a sunfish looks like:

A museum display featuring the preserved body of a fish and a skeletal structure of another aquatic creature, both suspended in glass cases


u/jimbean / Via reddit.com

18.While we're talking 'tons, this is what a penguin's skeleton looks like:

A penguin skeleton

Lookin' good.

u/amonaloli12 / Via reddit.com

19.This is what a stairwell that doesn't loop around and only goes in one direction looks like:

A steep, seemingly endless series of steps leading upward

This is like something you'd see in a dream.

u/zbrew / Via reddit.com

20.This is how good Disney World is at hiding their rides, specifically the Haunted Mansion:

Haunted Mansion ride

21.Helmets really, really work:

A crushed helmet

The person wearing this survived.

u/mehdi_javadi / Via reddit.com

22.This is what the inside of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine looks like:

A machine with lots of slots showing brands of various beverages

23.In a French deck of playing cards, instead of seeing J, Q, and K, you'll see V, D, and R:

Face cards with different letters

24.Texas makes Europe look super small:

Comparing the size of Texas to Europe

25.And, finally, there are vending machines at the top of Japan's Mount Fuji:

People sitting on benches, watching the sunset near a vending machine outdoor

Imagine climbing to the summit and enjoying an ice cold Mountain Dew Baja Blast Zero Sugar. Just like the pioneers.

Charly Triballeau / AFP via Getty Images