Duchess Sophie and Prince Edward share personal detail in special letter close to their hearts

Edward and Sophie at Shallowford farm
Edward and Sophie both have packed royal diaries (Getty)

Duchess Sophie and Prince Edward's conjugal Coat of Arms has been revealed in a touching letter shared on Tuesday.

The special family signature was stamped on the top of a letter for LEAF Education a charity close to Duchess Sophie's heart as honorary president. The letter was an impact report for the orangisation and was from Sophie herself with her personal signature at the bottom.

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The Coat of Arms, which is made up of two shields, is steeped in family meaning as married royal couples are given a joint Coat of Arms, which is known as their 'conjugal' Coat of Arms.

Sophie Wessex talking to her new husband Prince Edward
Sophie's father was awarded a Coat of Arms ahead of her wedding to Prince Edward (IAN WALDIE)

On the left is Prince Edward's side, which is represented with elements of his individual Coat of Arms he was given at age 19. On the right is the Rhys-Jones coat of arms which was created for Sophie’s father before her royal wedding. In their conjugal Coat of Arms, Sophie's side is represented by a backward-looking lion on a red and blue background,  in tribute to her family's Welsh heritage.

The website also explains: "The lion is said to refer to Sophie's ancestor, the Welsh warrior Elystan Glodrudd, Prince of Ferrig. The supporter is 'almost' a Welsh Dragon. The Wyvern, though, again brings a lot of blue to UK Royal Heraldry."

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Under the Coat of Arms on the letter were the words 'Bagshot Park' the sprawling estate where the royal couple live with their two children, Lady Louise, 20, and James, Earl of Wessex, 16.

The stunning £30 million residence has a whopping 120 rooms but is not owned by Prince Edward. The Duke leases the sprawling property from the Crown Estate.

Bagshot Park
The sprawling home has 120 rooms (Getty Images)

The Telegraph reported that the couple has extended the lease for another 150 years. This would have been at a cost of £5million, but the property itself is reported to be worth a staggering £30 million if it got listed on the open market.

The couple have lived at the property for 20 years since their royal wedding back in 1999.

According to the government website for Surrey Heath,  "there are several lodges around the boundary of the estate." One of the lodges is Sunningdale, and it is believed that Prince Edward's lease for his grand home, includes this in addition to the incredible mansion.