Dua Lipa’s XXL braided ponytail is *so* long she’s using it as a winter scarf

Other than her pencil sharpener dance (no shade, it's iconic) and perfectly-groomed eyebrows, our favourite thing about Dua Lipa has to be her hair; whether she's rocking her iconic bob or extra, extra long extensions, the star always looks like a ✨goddess✨. And today it's the latter of the two hairstyles that has us 'levitating' – one plait is 'all it takes'. Gah, song puns never get old...

In a recent Instagram post, Dua has seemingly created a new fashion trend, courtesy of some XXL hair extensions. Confused, much? Well, her lengthy locks have been braided into one hip-skimming ponytail plait and instead of just letting it fall at her waist (bc, that's boring, duh) she's resting it around her shoulder. Basically like a winter scarf.

It's giving the same supremacy as Beyoncé's perfectly flicked hair braid at The Formation World Tour circa 2016... IYKYK. Take a [Dula] peep (shoutout Miss Wendy) at all that we're talking about in the six-part carousel below:

Oh, and the zig-zag parting as shown in slide four also deserves an honorary mention for its beauty. The 90s called and they said they want their style back... I told them it now belongs in 2023.

Not to keep going on but can we also (yes, there's more) take a mo' to gush over the makeup look, as shown in slide two? I mean, the iridescent eyeshadow, matte peach lip and fluffiest of 'brows combo really do have us in a chokehold.

Dua, you just keep doing you and we'll gladly fangirl (and recreate) from afar.

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