Dua Lipa shared a nearly naked pic, and fans lost it

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Fact: Dua Lipa is incredibly fit. Like, take a casual cruise through her Instagrams, and you’ll see more than enough proof.

Take her latest photo dump of herself in a barely-there bikini:

In the nearly naked pic, her core, legs and arms are next-level sculpted, and that's not the only piece of evidence we've got attesting to her fitness.

In another series of pics, Dua wears a gorgeous green sequinned bra top and shorts with matching green heels, and her strong legs and core are on full display. It’s not clear what the new ‘fit is for but, ya know, she’s probably not wearing it to do her Sunday grocery shopping.

'SEPTEMBER 🪲,' she wrote simply in the caption.

Aaand people lost it in the comments. 'This outfit 😍😍😭😭✨✨,' one person wrote. '🧚🏻 Fairy princess queen,' another said.

Of course, Dua works hard for that body and she’s been more than upfront about that. For starters, she makes working out a priority, kicking off each day with a good sweat session. 'Getting physical really starts my day off right,' she told Refinery29.

Dua used to train with Women's Health Collective trainer Peter MacIver who told Women's Health UK that they would do hour-long sessions up to four times a week. During their workouts, Dua would cycle through cardio and resistance training that included moves like hill sprints and body-weight exercises.

Warming up was also important for Dua. 'We’d spend 10 minutes before every session to make sure her joints and muscles were ready,' PMAC said.

But Dua doesn’t just sweat it out at the gym: She’s also big—huge, even—into yoga and Pilates. Check out this impressive video of her working her way into a tripod headstand and back down like it’s NBD. And for her, maybe it’s not?

Oh! She also showed off this epic headstand in May that took some serious core power:

Get it!

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