Dua Lipa Said Promoting Her Debut Album Made Her "So Upset"

"I never, ever wanted to go through that ever again."

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Between tours, performances, filming movies, premieres, fashion shows, and traveling the world, it may seem like Dua Lipa has an unlimited social battery and an endless amount of energy. But, even the Grammy-winning pop star needs a break sometimes. In a new interview with KISS FM UK, Lipa recalled a hectic time at the beginning of her career when things were just go, go, go, making her "so upset all the time."

"There were so many moments, I think, when I first started when I was just in back-to-back-to-back, like, constant photo shoots, traveling and doing performances and not wanting to miss any opportunities — especially in America — when I was doing late-night TV or breakfast telly or whatever," she said, remembering her intense schedule while promoting her self-titled debut album (which featured hits like "IDGAF" and "New Rules").

"A lot of the time, I would have to get up and perform — there was this one American show that I did, and I had 30 minutes before we started taping to just, like, try and figure out a routine and dance and perform and do the thing," she continued to explain to host Harriet Rose.

While reflecting on that time, Lipa said she "would have completely changed" her ways if she could go back. "I never, ever wanted to go through that ever again. I’m going to make sure for everything I have the time to do it, and I don’t spread myself too thin, and I take care of myself differently," she said.

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When she does have some free time, Lipa likes to keep things low-key in London like the relatable queen she is — which includes eating fish and chips at the local pub.

"I just like to go out and grab coffee and go to the park, I love to go for walks in Hampstead Heath. I like to go to the pub and have fish chips. That is really my Sunday vibe.

The interview was (ironically) tied to the release of her new song "Houdini," which dropped last week. When speaking about the single during the interview she described it as "dark, clubby, after hours with a lot of psychedelic influences."

"That's my new thing," she added. "It feels like a new entry, just, for me. A refresh, a rebirth of some sort."

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