Drumstick And Comedian Eric André Want To Give You The Day Off To Eat Ice Cream - Exclusive Interview

Eric André close up
Eric André close up - DFree/Shutterstock

No matter who your team is, there is a good chance you will be tuning into the Super Bowl this year. Whether for the game itself, the halftime show, or the stellar commercials, the big game has a way of bringing the country together for a time. This year, Drumstick has enlisted the help of comedian Eric André to give you the day off after the Super Bowl. It is estimated that 19 million Americans take the day off work the Monday after the Super Bowl anyway, so why not make it an official national holiday? At least, that is what Drumstick and Eric André think.

In addition to running its first Super Bowl ad, Drumstick has started a petition and sweepstakes to give the people what they want: a day off to eat ice cream. We spoke with André in an exclusive interview about his upcoming role in the Super Bowl ad and his favorite way to enjoy these frozen treats.

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Monday As A National Holiday

Dr. Umstick and Eric André sitting together
Dr. Umstick and Eric André sitting together - Drumstick

Tell us a little bit more about #DrumstickMonday promotion and contest. What is Drumstick Monday?

I'm going to be honest with you. Meghan Markle is in the commercial ... That's a bold faced lie. When we're campaigning, we want the Monday after the Super Bowl to be an actual holiday. Everybody calls in sick to work anyway. What do they want from us? What do our overlords want from us? We're mere mortal. We're only humans.

What can we do to make this happen -- to get Monday to be that national holiday?

Call Elon. Get him on it.

How would you spend your Drumstick Monday?

I would be in my bathtub, filled with ice, a Drumstick in each hand, and a boiling tea kettle on top of my head.

For your Drumsticks, are you a nuts or a no nuts Drumstick person?


I love how confident you are.

It's a no brainer. I'll say it again. I'll say it anytime. It's a no brainer. Love that crunch.

Super Bowl Rituals

Eric André with a Drumstick in each hand
Eric André with a Drumstick in each hand - Drumstick

Do you have any Super Bowl game day rituals?

I'm in my bathtub. I got a Drumstick in each hand and I'm rooting for the Miami Dolphins, no matter what.

Okay, you're a Dolphins person. That's Florida coming out.

Big time. I was at the game the other night. I saw them lose to the Bills. You a Steelers fan?

If you're born in Pittsburgh, you're born with the black and gold running through your veins. It's legally obligated.

Pittsburgh people are tough. Salt of the earth. The rest of Pennsylvania is like Alabama until you get to Philly.

You were born in Boca, right?

Yes, technically I was born in Miami Beach at Mount Sinai. I moved to Boca when I was four.

Are there any food places that you particularly like in Boca?

In Boca, your options are limited -- I was a kid, so Ruby Tuesday's, Macaroni Grill. There's a place called Wilt Chamberlain's, and there's another place called Pete Rose's I love, named after the athletes. There's also cool delis out there -- Poppies Deli in Delray Beach.

Frosty And Fries

Wendy's Frosty and fries
Wendy's Frosty and fries - Wendy's/Facebook

What is your go-to fast food order?

It was Taco Bell in my younger years, but I'm going to say Wendy's french fries and I dip them in the Frosties.

You're going back on tour?

Yeah, I got a cruise coming up with the Impractical Jokers. We're going from Miami to The Bahamas. Then, in February, I go down -- Can I talk about it? I think I can talk about it. I go down to Australia. I love it down there, and New Zealand. You can't just say Australia and not say New Zealand. They don't like it getting lumped in with each other.

Do you have any pre or post show snacks that you like to keep around?

Drumsticks. You like that?

It's a nice come back.

Australia rules. They got such good food down there -- Great Vietnamese food in Australia, killer, and their produce, the vegetables are so robust.

I bet they're fresh and beautiful. They have the weather for it.

It rules down there. I always have a good time down there.

Good Eats

Smoked brisket
Smoked brisket - Marie Sonmez Photography/Shutterstock

Do you do much cooking at home?

I used to, but I got a job.

It happens. I hear there are bills. What was one of your favorite things to cook?

I got a Traeger smoker. I did a brisket. That's the last time I cooked. I had a chef friend who shepherded me the whole way through the brisket, and I have to say it came out excellent. I'm very proud of myself.

I'm jealous. Was it tender and beautiful?

It was glistening. It takes all day, but it's not 12 hours of work. It's 12 hours of work in the fact that the process is 12 hours, but you're not looking over it for all 12. Take it out of the fridge, let it chill for an hour, put some salt and pepper and mustard on it. As you're preheating the smoker, you put it in there and then you spray some apple cider vinegar on it every once in a while or wrap it up in pineapple juice. Six or seven hours later, you take it out. You let it rest for an hour or two. I was really proud of myself.

Is there one ingredient that you can't live without?

Sesame oil is cracker. Sesame oil is good.

Is there a chef that you'd like to have cooked dinner for you?

Chef Boyardee himself. My favorite chap was that -- Did Chef Boyardee die? I don't think he's a real person. He's like Ronald McDonald. RIP to a real one. I love Anthony Bordain. So sad. I cried when he died. He would be my answer if he was alive. That's such a good question. I've been fortunate enough to eat with some of the greats.

Is there a particularly memorable meal?

I just did Noma in Copenhagen last summer, and it was Chef Brune. It was insane. I was eating pine cones. It's crazy. It was insane. It was outrageous.

Do you have a go-to comfort food?

Check this out. Drumsticks. Boom. Mic drop. With the nuts.

Do you like your Drumsticks with the chocolate, or the caramel core, or just straight vanilla ice cream?

Straight vanilla ice cream? What am I, Jeffrey Dahmer? Caramel chocolate core. What kind of psychopath doesn't like flavor?

Life Changing Food

Burrito cut in half
Burrito cut in half - Bystrov/Shutterstock

You ever not really know how hungry you are until you eat an entire sandwich in seven minutes?

It's honestly impressive to watch. It is a feat.

It's art. Get Andy Warhol to film this.

He would've, and it would be in the Andy Warhol Museum right now and I could go see it there.

He's so cool.

You are, though, breaking the cardinal rule. My husband and I have a rule, which is, "Never eat the whole burrito," which is for when you get an obscenely large burrito or sandwich and you know eating the whole thing's going to make you sick, but you're really hungry, so you eat the whole thing.

Could you live with yourself if you skipped dinner or you just ate the whole burrito and that was your linner, your lunch dinner? That would be cool. It would be probably the right amount of calories for the day. Burritos are good. I just had -- San Francisco has the best burritos in the world. I just had one of the best burritos of my life recently in San Francisco. I can't remember the name of the place. So good. Took my breath away. Jack Black and Chris Garcia recommended. This burrito made me cry. It was so good.

If you remember which burrito place it was, let us know.

It was Taqueria Cancun.

Which burrito did you get?

I got a super burrito. I got it with either chorizo or carne asada. I don't really remember. It was so good.

To make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday, sign the #DrumstickMonday petition. Signers will also be entered in the Drumsticks sweepstakes to have their #DrumstickMonday dreams fulfilled. 

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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