Drew Barrymore reveals story behind a throwback photo featuring Cameron Diaz

Sarah Young

Drew Barrymore has shared the story behind a throwback photograph of herself and Cameron Diaz.

On Wednesday, the Santa Clarita Diet star posted a photo on Instagram featuring the two actors walking side-by-side while clutching glasses of champagne and an almost empty bottle.

While Diaz was pictured wearing a thigh-skimming off-the-shoulder dress, Barrymore sported a grungy T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “My boyfriend is out of town” teamed with a pair of leather low-slung trousers which left a butterfly tattoo on her stomach on display.

In the caption, Barrymore explained that the photo was taken on the night of the New York premiere of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle in 2003.

“2003 welcomes 2020. Back story on this moment! It was the NYC premier of Charlie’s Angels 2 and I had hired an old school bus with Christmas lights and hanging rubber chickens to take us there!,” Barrymore wrote.

“And I was like “trust me! This is going to be so fun to show up in!”

The 44-year-old actor went on to explain how the vehicle began “smoking from the hood” before breaking down completely, meaning the pair had to walk the rest of the way.

“But not before I grabbed the champers and said ‘well this is good too’ and off to our fun evening we went,” Barrymore continued.

“And we’re all still peas in a pod.)”

Since posting, the photo has garnered more than 937,000 likes and received hundreds of comments from the actor’s celebrity friends and followers.

Social media influencer Christina Grasso, otherwise known as @thepouf, commented: “More wine glasses outside in 2020”, while fellow actor Gwyneth Paltrow wrote: “This just about sums it up.”

One person celebrated Barrymore and Diaz as an “iconic duo” while another called the image the “best photo ever”.

“I love this! You always been so bad ass,” a third follower commented.