Drew Barrymore Dishes on Her New Mag, Her Happy Place and the Pop Star She’d Die to Have on Her Show

Drew Barrymore, 48, has crafted something special with her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. Realized during the pandemic, this cozy daytime program offers everything from pop culture updates (titled “Drew's News”) to lifestyle tips and cooking segments. And while it can be hard to break through the talk show mold, the Santa Clarita Diet star has won over audiences thanks to her frankness, her kindness and her ebullient spirit. Oh, and she expanded her brand in 2021 by developing a new magazine too, titled Drew.

So, after we attended a taping of The Drew Barrymore Show (where the episode focused on the new “Happy Place” edition of her mag), PureWow had a few burning questions for the Hollywood legend that is Drew Barrymore.

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In Barrymore's summer edition of Drew (which hits stands today, 5/26), it's all about her “happy place.” But, what exactly does that mean? The Fever Pitch star has developed a show that's become an escape for many viewers, but what does comfort mean to her?

Keep reading for our full interview with Drew:

Drew Magazine

PW: The latest edition of your magazine is all about “happy places.” What do you consider to be your happy place?

DB: My happy place just so happens to be sitting in front of the TV with a giant bowl of mac and cheese and my girls by my side. There’s nothing like the feeling of comfort. It’s the ultimate cozy zone.

PW: The new edition of DREW features that gorgeous green. Is this your color of spring 2023? What color would you say makes you happiest?

DB: I ABSOLUTELY love green! The first color I launched with my brand, Beautiful by Drew, was actually sage green and you’ll find that color all throughout my home, especially in my kitchen. The green we chose for the new issue is so fresh and vibrant. Full of energy, just like summer!

Drew Magazine

PW: Often, the work on your show and DREW magazine have some overlap. What is your favorite part about making the magazine that's different from working in front of a camera?

DB: I’ve been a magazine lover all my life, so making a magazine of my own has really been a dream come true. As a kid, my bedroom walls were covered with pages ripped from my favorite issues. There’s something about the tactile nature of it, pouring my heart and soul into something and then being able to see it on the page and hold it in my hands.

PW: Your talk show has become such a source of comfort for so many viewers, and as your upcoming issue of DREW focuses on “happy places,” your talk show acts as a happy place for many people too. What is the secret to cultivating such a positive program?

DB: I hope that our show is the best part of someone’s day. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing crew and such incredible guests who are so willing to come on, have some fun and share their expertise, knowledge and experiences with us. We’re giving it our all and I’m beyond thrilled to have another season to bring more happiness into people’s homes everywhere.

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PW: Who is a guest that you’ve been dying to have on The Drew Barrymore Show that you haven’t had on there yet?

DB: My dream guest would definitely be Beyonce!

PW: On The Drew Barrymore Show, you’ve also been refreshingly open and candid about everything from your relationships to your parenting. How do you think you’ve reached a place of confidence and true solace with yourself, and what is your advice for people who may be struggling with self-confidence?

DB: This sounds like a question for Dear Drew! In every issue we feature questions from readers and our community on social media. At this point in my life, a lot of confidence can come from the feeling that I can handle whatever comes my way. It may not be easy or pleasant or enjoyable in any way shape or form, but know that you’ll get through it because you will!

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