Drag Race UK star Ginny Lemon on ‘anti-drag’ cabaret act and potential All Stars entrance line

Composite of Ginny Lemon
Ginny Lemon (Image: Em Jones; Design: Attitude)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Ginny Lemon is set to debut their solo show Ginny Lemon: Bitter at London’s Soho Theatre this July.

The hour-long performance promises to be a raucous blend of stand-up comedy, cabaret, and original music from one of the UK’s most avant-garde drag artists.

Talking exclusively to Attitude, Ginny described the show as “Fuming, raging, livid and bitter. Or is it bittersweet?” They went on to explain that Bitter is “an absolute bastard of a cabaret show – laughs, tears, original music and raucous stand-up comedy. Sixty minutes of pure zest!”

Audiences can expect a raw and honest performance alongside hilarious autobiographical storytelling. While embracing elements of traditional drag cabaret, Ginny aims to subvert expectations, offering what they call a “kind of an anti-drag show”.

Potential return to Drag Race UK?

Ginny made a name for themselves on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 2, during which they became the first queen on a regular season to voluntarily quit – notably walking off the main stage as their lip sync against fellow contestant Sister Sister was just beginning. The Worcestershire legend also pushed the needle on non-binary representation, becoming the first out non-binary queen (alongside Bimini) on the franchise.

On whether they’d be open to returning to the show, Ginny responded: “Of course I would love to return, but I don’t think they’ll ever have me back!” But if they did return, “My entrance line would be ‘What year is it? How long was I gone?’ just in the same outfit I left in.”

Since their breakout appearance, Ginny’s been keeping busy. Though tight-lipped about specifics, they revealed they’re currently recording a new album. When pressed for details, Giny described the project’s themes as “vapeography (choreography with vapes), butter, dystopian Britain, death, grief, sex and coldsores. But dancey.”

Grab tickets for Ginny Lemon: Bitter now

With their acidic wit and citrus-themed aesthetic, Ginny Lemon’s Bitter promises to be a fruity highlight of Soho Theatre’s summer calendar for fans of boundary-pushing drag and comedy. The artist further sold the show in one line by claiming: “I piss myself on stage”. That’s all we needed to hear.

Ginny Lemon: Bitter runs at the Soho Theatre between 16 and 20 July. Tickets are available now directly from the Soho Theatre by clicking here.

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