Dove’s new body positive campaign hasn’t been received well


[Photo: Dove/ Twitter]

In recent years we’ve all appreciated Dove’s campaigns to help women feel good about themselves. However, this time the popular skincare brand may’ve gone just a little too far.

In attempt to help women and young girls deal with the effects social media can have on their confidence, Dove’s created a self-esteem month.

In this day and age of selfies and Instagram filters we all know that the Internet can have a negative impact. So, all in all the campaign sounds like a great idea, yes? Maybe not.

Dove put together an array of “fun activities”, which have not gone down well.

People were especially unimpressed with the ‘Re-Do Challenge’, which suggests for every negative tweet girls have posted, we should now post two positive ones. Erm, do we really need to be told to be positive all the time?

While we are all up for changing nasty tweets into nice ones this probably wasn’t the best way of going about it.

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