Dove Cameron got a '90s bombshell layered hair makeover

Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/KCA2021 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/KCA2021 - Getty Images

Remember how you spent the past few years growing out your hair to be all one length?

Well scrap that, because in case you missed the memo, layers are back and even actress Dove Cameron is getting in on the choppy action.

If you want some inspiration for your new layered style, get on Amazon Prime and watch an episode of Baywatch because Pamela Anderson should be your muse for any '90s bombshell blowdry.

Even Jennifer Lopez has been getting in on the voluminous action.

But, back to Dove.

In a new Instagram post, Dove shared her new shorter, layered style, which was created by hairstylist Clayton Hawkins.

Clayton described the style as a "90s fluffy blowout" and shared that he took inspiration from actress Suzanne Somers in the American sitcom Step by Step.

Continuing with the '90s vibe, makeup artist Melissa Hernandez kept Dove's signature glowing skin with a natural smokey eye and a nostalgic brown lip liner.

Looks like we need to add a lip liner and a set of velcro hair rollers to our shopping list then.

Dove was clearly loving her new look as she posted a series of pictures to Instagram with the caption, "Fax me the details".

I don't know about faxing, but I will most definitely be contacting Clayton and Melissa to find out the exact products and technique they used to create this iconic look.

In the meantime, best get practicing on our blow dry skills.

I might be some time.

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